It is early the moon is still out the Sun isn’t even up yet let’s go, and get Jess Bonjour Jessica Silva. So hot Rypien 529 in the morning April 23rd 2018 we are in tart on Martinique, and we are heading back to New York City in a few minutes listen to the birds this morning goodbye for now Martinique yes we are there oh cool forgot my banana 6:15 in the morning you awake yet Jessica no let’s get our coffee we walk through security, and what do we find all the room that you would ever need I like this up the best yeah the blonde yeah this one’s like ten dollars, and this room is so good this is the t-post room you want to get some for the flight we’ll split a bottle before the flight I never thought I would be saying that we have just got a handle of rum at 6:10 in the morning, and it’s probably 6:15 6:20 now they get you. So good you walk through the check-in, and you know there’s a Calvin Klein perfume, and then BAM Rama all the room you could get in martha teak is right here handle from ten bars of chocolate the chocolate here is good ooh before yes is that our fight let’s just go to the gate, and get coffee bonjour je voudrais the pawn chocolat, and your cafe adieu course on civil play you went to their own ladies, and gentlemen fueling will now take place kindly uncrossing a seatbelt, and remain seated smoking please pray this is okay Achille we’re on the plane now I love this plane. Because when you get on the plane they have music buying it.


So it feels like you’re getting into like not a club like Virgin Airlines Virgin Airlines, and like colored flight like we’re kidding it has that vibe. Because you get on in there playing music as I’ve. So many people, and you’re so close together then you get a little bit nips well we have all wrong Jessica just asked me how heavy I think the starfish was maybe three pounds I think you were just panicking I know like the way it’s layers like five pound weights imagine just sitting there curling starfish it was like I could I could have gotten it was a big one I mean that was a juicy one too it was as big as the starfish was like this get something the starfish was, I’m just leaving a Martinique next stop JFK the ball, and they seen another hot dog yeah yeah yeah okay thank you hi we’re back on toast us in here to silly selfie no selfie we come home, and it is legit springtime in New York City. So that’s nice. But the bad news is we get home, and we’re all tired, and hangry from the flight, and Jessica goes where’s the rum where is the room in the chocolate. Because I invited talked apart for my family, and your agents my agents my modeling agents. Because I wanted to bring them back something and, I’m like mm no where is it.

Because I wanted to like set it off. Because I said if I got my mom some spices, and I set it all up to in the little baggie to bring back home in my area first chocolate rum you were pissed at me you are sick that was my one responsibility to get the bags, and get the the bag of rum, and chocolate, and I let Jessica down, and then I called in I called the guy, and went right to his voicemail the cab driver. Because this is a tip new york city tip, and you actually call me this have you ever take a cab in New York make sure to get a receipt just in case you leave something even if you don’t think you have something I double check the cab, and I guess we had put this act I put in the back in the truck rather the. So I thought Eric was getting everything out of the truck. But I literally said I said you have my backpack as the cab was rolling wait he’s like oh yeah I have everything I thought I had everything is green got really dark yeah oh yeah another thing guys both my cameras broke on this trip this one is my original g7x, and the audios kinda iffy, and the other one I don’t know what happened it might have gotten wet. But it blows out the image, and then there’s a piece of sand stuck under the lens you might have noticed in the posts there’s like there’s a one shot you’re posting a pelican, and there’s just like this speck no no in the sky of this beautiful Pelican. But I will say this I sent in a rapport also.

So you can call in you get the cab drivers little number on the cab, and you can also do a report which was like me yeah. But I mean it’s it’s Robin chocolate he’s not going to bring it yeah found I gets a bag of pure sugar cane chocolate, and sugar cane rum if you found that I would not get that you ever richer that’s like a handle a face bone, and nice chocolate this chocolate as it melts in your mouth it tastes like you’re eating sugar cane brownie batter really it’s like almost the compare if you let it melt in your mouth almost. Because this would be a brownie batter. So delicious see I don’t taste the batter I taste sugar cane have you ever had you know that have you ever had like a sugar cane stick for me it tastes like sugar cane there is sugar cane think I’ve had a honey the spot down by the East River you go travel the world you always come back to the spot Jessica know that so much would you say we have so much history at this spot a camera broke oh there goes yeah I have to get new camera if anyone knows what kind of camera to get comment down below right on Jessica’s cell phone oh. Because I mean this camera is great. But it’s I’ve had. So many problems with it what do you think about being back in New York, I’m happy it will be nice will you leave in a day oh yeah I did if you’re going to Los Angeles of the day to shoot your commercial is that.

So exciting, and it is a joke shoot a commercial see this is great too. Because we’re sitting on the beach we had just gone in the water with a real Dean which was our like tour guide, and she was so sweet, and nice it’s how we’re sitting on the beach with her, and Andre he was the driver from the Welcome Dinner Andre by now I’ve talked to him a lot okay you guys know he’s in the posts a little bit Andre, and Geraldine, and Don was off doing whatever he was doing that I roll I mean everyone by this point probably knows that John let’s just leave that at that John is John that’s such good news though it’s a commercial, and print, and it’s still in all of North America, and then if they like it, and they decide to do like a Europe buyout or somewhere else in other countries. But they would do probably voice dubbing over look at this hair this hair is the Gagne hair now that’s so weird to say here grab like this ready oh yes don’t fall don’t fall you’re good smack your sunburn don’t smash my sunburn hey I got sunburned bad, I’m new I saw that the end of yesterday’s post it’s kind of it’s a lesson not very bad I can just start into smacking oh okay. But seriously how many people have done that before when one of their friends with sunburn are they stealing sunburn, and they’re like pissing you off you just learn like you’re so ends the Martinique posts if you guys like these posts give them a thumbs up we might be traveling again in June or July I feel really good right now I think we’re moving into a good place oh my gosh, and we just fell down these stairs. But I feel like, I’m moving into a good place in my life I don’t know it’s good to be back in New York City it’s really good to be back.

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