John F Kennedy International Airport here I come I love drinking coffee out of my JFK mug on a day when, I’m about to travel it’s like how you like to drink coffee out of your Jeff Goldblum mug every morning I have very large hands too you know they say about big hands big cut is August the 8th 2018, and today I go to Japan, I’ll see you in a week saying goodbye Anna sucks is one of the hardest things to do all right we’re good to go hey Hey are you today yeah terminal seven yeah I’ve never even heard of this airline, and yeah it’s cool. Because it’s so unknown you know you never know where it’s gonna go wait a min. But thank you for the ride a good conversation I best uber driver ever I didn’t post any of our conversation just. Because he didn’t really want to be posted which is perfectly cool. But we had the best conversation right.


So it begins. So today, I’m flying a na I’ve never even heard of an aid before we are all checked in yeah I think this is a good time to update what, I’m doing, and why, I’m going to Japan, I’m leaving on a Monday, I’ll, and on a Tuesday, and then I leave again on a Saturday as everyone probably knows the 2018 Olympics are happening right now in Rio I’ve been reading all the swimming recently live-streaming at all basically this trip is for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo sorry to interrupt. But I need to find some food. Because I still haven’t had my breakfast yet and, I’m getting pretty angry thousand ten thousand eleven twelve thirteen months ago I got an email from the Tokyo government Tourism Board I was shocked I had never thought I’d be getting an email from Japan I’ve never even been anywhere near Japan they invited me out to go to Tokyo and, I’m more or less testing out an itinerary that they are going to offer to people for the 2020 games the whole point of me going there is to basically give them feedback on this trip to see you what I like what I didn’t like which is pretty cool it’s pretty amazing cuz you know especially growing up watch these people who would go review of hotels, and travel destinations, and that’s kind of what this trip is this trip is going to be interesting for a few reasons the first is this is my first time pretty much ever that, I’m traveling this far by myself, and I think this is a very important thing that solo travel is so important for anyone you know it almost forces you to get out there, and to meet other people, and I feel like I really haven’t had travels where I meet other people you know even going to Sydney I went with Craig, and then before that I would travel Jessica a lot another reason why this trip is gonna be. So different is. Because I don’t speak a single word of Japanese I don’t even I can’t read Japanese I know nothing about Tokyo.

So this trip is gonna be very very interesting to the document, I’m gonna try to upgrade my seat. Because right now I have an economy seat, and 14 hours on a plane, and economy it’s like I was lucky enough I didn’t get the upgrade. But I got moved to the exit row seat, and egg 0c is the second best thing to having the business class seat. Because with the Exile seat there’s no one in front of us. So I can just go like this, and stretch my legs out all the way which is nice the flight boards in like ten minutes. But check these guys out I’ve had these since the Costa Rica trip, and the frame has just kept this focus there we go the frame broke in Costa Rica, and these are like cheap urban outfitter glasses what do you think aviators or small frame with the old in with the new my favorite moments to post when, I’m making these posts are interactions between people it’s trying on those glasses, and this girl is reading me she started laughing at me. Because she saw me talking to the camera, and then I asked her if she wanted to be posted that she said that she wasn’t on social media she didn’t agree with it it’s cool to get that perspective though I wouldn’t say it’s quite business class.

But it’s the next best thing when, and there’s space, and do want to do anything to keep your legs moving, and keep the blood flowing right now we are northern Alaska right at the Arctic Circle, and it honestly looks like a desert wasteland it’s I’ve never seen it arigato welcome to Japan Tuesday August the 9th 2018 we lost like half a day flying here in my mind right now it’s 3 o’clock in the morning. But it’s 4 o’clock in afternoon here we’re gonna make do though, and I had to say the woman I sat next to was one of the nicest people I have ever met she was teaching me phrases in Japanese she was kind of just telling me you know what to expect the real from someone who actually lives here, and it was cool that we connected like that, and welcome to Tokyo hey nice to meet you konnichiwa introduce yourself a few fun you know thank you for coming, and getting me. Because I would have been very very lost without you oh yeah we’re getting on the bus it’s like an hour-and-a-half bus ride into actual Tokyo where, I’m standing keep that screen open thank you not bad at all this is a very very nice hotel room I have yet to open the windows first time seeing what the viewers Wow holy crap look at that, and it’s pretty beautiful right there apparently you know, I’m trying to get a better view this you can see a highest building in there I want to trap the lights. So we can get a proper view of the Tokyo skyline no that’s on there we go now we can get the view that we’re looking for apparently that building right in front of me I might be wrong I might be right. But I heard that was their City Hall, and then right at the bottom they have all the banners for the 2020 games you know try to get a zoom in on the Tokyo 2020 can you imagine that four years from now what will we be doing in four years not just me. But everyone reading this post what are we doing in four years, I’ll have to wait, and find out Oh as far as a meet-up I will most likely announce it on snapchat or Instagram, and it’ll be sort of very last-minute like a day’s notice. So go, and follow me over on Instagram, and snapchat all that if you want to come, and hang out in a Japanese Meetup as you can tell by the bags I am exhausted I was going to go out tonight, and explore this city.

But, I’m going to digress to this big comfy bed right here we’re gonna take these shoes off I haven’t go jump on that bed, and you’re in a hotel room first thing you have to do is to take off your shirt, and just do a big fat body slam on this bed oh. So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more worry less, and live your passion good night everyone.

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