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You’re ever in Frankfort come get the schnitzel is bitch whistle in Germany rotate how is it you’re probably asking yourself Eric what are you doing in Germany as you can see I am in the beautiful Frankfurt my first time ever here actually first time ever in Germany I’ve been to düsseldorf once how would you say that in the dolfe Dusseldorf I have a German cameraman here for the time being Max is behind the lens daily love what’s up to start today’s post off properly we have to flashback all the way to this morning in Paris France Otto 5:20 in the morning today, I’m traveling to Frankfurt Germany I have never been to Germany my whole life I need to come back here I need to move back to Paris get a tiny little flat like this live in Paris for two months Oh Mon petit apartments from the yeah I was thinking about this on the ride over here the two things I use the most when I travel uber Airbnb without those two things like what what would we do how we get around the Europe in such an unknown place, and I think the coolest thing about Europe thus far is how easy it is to get around you jump on the train two hours in another country it’s pretty amazing, and the trains are pretty cheap here. So I jumped on the train for about 60 euro, and Here I am in Germany back to the star this post you’re wondering Eric what the hell are you doing in Germany my friend Eliza is on this TV show called 100, and she has a convention here in Frankfurt she asked me if I wanted to come to Frankfurt, and be her plus one at this event.

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So of course I said yeah new city new country more or less the weekend is going to be going to her conference doing a bit of exploring on my own that’s pretty much it, and right now here let me take this what’s the name of the square that’s looma it’s called the women s luma good about her Huma, I’m joined by the one, and only this is max I was actually down by the river the other night taking some drone footage, and max hit me up on Instagram there’s a yo man let’s go drone. So max has been kind of showing me around a little bit in the square an honor to be on your blog yeah I feel like you already seen a bunch of stuff in Frankfurt, and yeah it’s definitely a cool time with you man now, I’m going to explore Frankfurt see what’s going on head to the convention enjoy the rest of today’s post they are at a school or a rec center outside of Frankfurt one of the most interesting days I’ve had in a while just kind of observing there was a photo session for probably 240 minutes then an autograph session, and just seeing how touched everyone was that came to this event, and you know even things a sign bring like fidget spinners bring little gifts it’s pretty incredible we’re in the future now get on them here don’t I know cement Josh this is something I’ve been doing a lot in posts you may have noticed I love flashbacks once the situation passes you go back, and you have time to process it, and think about it, and I find postging especially it can take you out of the moment, and that’s a question that a lot of people ask you know do you ever find that you’re not in the moment anymore, and recently is the answer to that has been yet, and that’s something that I even talked with you Dylan’s giving me advice right now, I’m behind here jump back in jump back, and say that it to the camera that’s all there is I mean we live in a constant happening the eternal now if you think about time as a ship a boat in the ocean time is a boat in the past is the wake I like that a lot of thing to note about that is the wake doesn’t drive the boat that’s the most that’s the most wisdom you’re going to hear all day maybe what, I’m trying to get at is yes it is now the future, I’m no longer in Germany, I’m actually in Norway, and then in Wednesday’s post you will find out everything why, I’m here, and all that. But I just wanted to go through the rest of today’s post in Germany the whole convention was insanity away I want to watch.

So the day continued with more autographs more photos more craziness interesting. Because one of the only things I remember from that day was dinner that night with Eliza we went on a little bit of a date there’s a spot that we went to every single night we were in Frankfort, and what’s called Salvatore’s Bistro the owner of the restaurant Salvatore was one of the most personal guys you could ever come across he made you feel instantly like you were his best friend, and that was enough to make us go back three times in a row that’s the man the myth the legend or the most personable guy I’ve ever met look at him right now, I’m going to stop posting in two seconds. Because it’s kind of weird. But yeah. But he’s like a 75 year old man this is his place it’s had for 15 years if you’re ever in Frankfort come get the schnitzel. Because schnitzel in Germany okay how is it Eliza kisses big dish, and has maybe maybe 2×2 that I’ve been getting something like growing my stomach just a passive fear it’s good for me. Because I can have to now I have to say Eliza have you are reading this you have a gift that making people feel very very important in the point of today’s post is to be present, and it was interesting to see you know there’s probably 400 people at this convention Eliza was present with every single one of them especially at the autograph signings every single person looking them in the eye actually receiving them, and appreciating them, and that’s something that’s so rare, and I won fast trip to Germany and, I’m now in Norway like I said with Dylan we’re posting a commercial with this clothing company, I’m actually the ambassador of this company sometimes you know you have to put the camera down put the phone down, and just be there.

But Norway posts are going to be living a big say they’re going to be lit eggs us Mike shepherd if you’re reading this there’s probably three people in the whole world that knows what wig sauce is if you’re one of them comment down below, and give this give this post a thumbs up. But really guys I hope you’re well, and I just wanted to put out this little message with that said I will see you in the next post.

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