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Traveling to china for Since large nuclei tend to have more volatiles to react to the Sun and hence become more active, they usually form bigger comas. Among those considered great primarily because of the large size of their comas are the Great Comet of see igs? and Hale-Bopp in neither of which came close to the Sun or Earth. Fourth, a comet may sport an eye-catchingly long tail. A great comet will generally have a tail that is degrees or more in length. The Great Comet of C/ W and Tebbutt’s Comet of are two striking examples of comets rendered great because of their impressively long tails, and degrees respectively. Fifth, a comet should offer the general public in the more populated northern hemisphere good viewing opportunities, preferably in a dark sky at least ? degrees from the Sun in the hours after sunset, and should capture the public’s attention. In addition, the comet should be clearly visible to the naked eye for a significant period of time. Traveling to china 2016.

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