I am waiting for an uber, and today we are traveling from New York City to bon-aire it’s actually happening we’re actually doing it, I’m so excited for this trip one more bag at Newark Airport we just got into Newark International Airport we’re all checked in, and they had to search my bag if I have all this camera gear, and I have that weird wish stone I think the best thing about flying up Newark you know Newark is so far out of New York City. But you get such a nice view of the skyline you know I mean all right let’s get some sustenance let’s get some breakfast ladies, and gentlemen get swap the very handsome gentleman dirty braids in the house I hear just have to be senior just have a nice delicious airport breakfast properly caffeinated, and we’re about to board excuse me ma’am is Missy taken out some exotic booze there’s a far far better welcome to bon-aire it kind of looks like Arizona a little bit it’s very desert it’s very high it’s very dry oh, and we made a friend on the flight the guy next to Jessica right there is named Steven he’s from Ohio, and we talked the whole flight really cool guy go to your first thought to get off the plane it is very hot there’s always a breeze, and this is the first airport I’ve ever been into where you get off the plane, and you walk across the tarmac to the actual terminal where’d you go when he did that yeah you’re welcome Wednesday right yeah when soon looking forward to it okay I think bye guys yeah rakia rakia is a nothing rakia. So that was the woman who originally contacted me who watched the posts who recommended that we come down to her ranch, and she actually came with her husband to the airport to greet us it’s very nice of them. So if you guys are reading good to finally meet you have you came in speak, and you’re so excited I am it’s it’s when you go to a new place in this I feel some moisture not.


So wet like him feel more yes, I’m funny look at this right here oh what’s that this is the airport, and then we drove around all right about here we are almost in town this little triangle that’s dump will cross through town on F mile we have marina after marine another traffic circle then you start with your towels the second one that’s body type that’s what we were going. So we all on the leeward side you see the snorkeling, and diving all our outside here in front of us we have a little island called plain veneer since was part of the Dutch Kingdom the word claim is so small. So literally small banana is the largest inhabitant either in the Caribbean it’s going to be like that too. Because we do it all for the preservation we just got to our place we’re staying at the buddy dive shop, and this is also where we’re going to get certified to dive which is cool that we can stay at the place that we’re taking the class Wow look at this we have a balcony too of Jessica oh my gosh oh okay she doesn’t walk through the glass, I’m gonna come out here too we have arrived in paradise. So I guess you could just go down to that dock, and just like just jump on in I didn’t even know this could exist in real life Walter that blue, and the clouds, and the bird look at that little bird we just got here, and look I don’t know if you can see this right down there by the swimming pool there’s a fat new york city pigeon who just decide to fly all the way down here to give Jessica a little company I should mention actually a bit more specifically where we are so we are on the island of Bonaire, and Bonaire is the B in the ABC island chain a is Aruba, and C is Kersal, and might be pronouncing that wrong ker. So yes.

So this is the B, and apparently Bonet or not many people know about it unless you’re a diver or diver here lockup or a diver yeah it is it’s something else we’ve been here for maybe two hours, and we’re gonna go explore around where we’re staying though all right right here we have our expert animal, and my spirit animal about to face off what’s going to happen pigeon pigeon closing in closing in doing this big circle around, and he’s off. So what do you have I have a delicious a mango smoothie what do you have mmm mango guava smoothie this is our view from the bar right by the ocean iguanas on the ground pigeons on the ground if you can do something I know I know I could tell cuz the waitress walked by, and she was looking at me as I was posting, and narrating the Iguana people probably think we’re freaks. But it’s okay cuz we are one two three let’s get it all it is just about golden hour, and Bonaire if you look right down here that’s the little beach at the buddy dive resort, and we were jumping off of this bulkhead here into the water right here is where we’re going to take our scuba class, and we’re going to scuba right off the dock here, and then take those boats out further that right there in the distance is called klein bonaire you can’t really see it it’s a little little island of that Island is the largest uninhabited island in the Caribbean right here we just saw our first sunset in Bonaire we jumped in the water had a nice little swim the water doesn’t even look I mean it’s obviously real. But it doesn’t look real just. Because it’s so clear, and now we’re walking into the town, and we’re going to a restaurant called it’s raining fishes we’re actually here right now it’s right on the water Jessica got a nice cucumber salad, and here I have a delicious baked potato oh thank you look at this fish this is the catch of the day they go out they fish they come back at 4 p.m. they sell the fish at the restaurant, and then at 7 p.m. the fish of the day I’ve actually been surprised.

But all the restaurants yeah that’s cool especially down here that there’s the vegetarian option, and then they have like a mandatory you look. So beautiful to glasses this is a major hit of counting water that has a cinnamon baked potatoes, I’ll be right back if, I’m not back come down, and get me all right we’re taking a little night mission little no loud little night mission, and Bonaire I say this every time I come down here every single time I come down to the tropics I asked myself Eric what are you doing living in a city you should move down here get a job as like a dive instructor learn how to dive maybe get a job teaching swimming or surfing oh wow look at the moon holy crap look at that moon Romeo Romeo wherefore hurt that Romeo that’s your line the stars are so bright I can even see them on the camera there’s a star right above your head right there and, I’m gonna walk down to the water, and I might jump an ocean really quick no there’s no fish you guys heard the woman no ocean gonna jump in the pool. But check that moon out one more time tomorrow is the first day of our diving course it’s kind of it’s not the real first day of the diving course it’s like the in the pole diving. So we’re not even gonna be in the ocean. But still at the start of the course super fun point uh yeah a good first day in Bonaire if you guys liked today’s post give it a thumbs up leave us a comment down below if you’ve ever been down to bon-aire or any of the ABC islands.

Because, I’m curious to know, and yeah we’ll see everyone tomorrow. So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more or less, and leave your passion get out there, and explore the world.

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