Friday night February 10th 2018 from a frozen at tundra post snowstorm at New York City I wanted to start this post here in New York City. Because the thing that I love the most about travel is the fact that I can start this post here in New York City by the end of this post two days from now I will be running through the jungle in Bali Indonesia I feel like I should introduce myself also. Because I feel like a lot of people are reading this to renew to the blog, I’m Eric I live in New York City to make daily posts I make travel posts I booked a one-way ticket to Bali for 20 days I’ve booked a place to stay, and that is absolutely it I have no plans I have no extender area the main reason, I’m booking this trip to Bali is to go on an adventure I’ve never been to Bali before it’s something totally new I have no clue what to expect this is the start of a 33 long our travel adventure from New York City to Bali Indonesia enough with the Cinemax, I’m gonna go downstairs, and warm up it is absolutely freezing you can tell my ears are probably pretty red yeah enjoy this view and, I’ll see everyone at JFK soon, I’ll be getting ready , I’ll see them they can build my city I think you any say cause the show right now 11:33 p.


m. about the board my flight in few minutes, I’m really happy I booked the late flight. Because normally my thing is I can never ever for the life me sleep on an airplane a 16-hour flight nonstop to Taipei Taiwan I have to admit with this new camera. So, I’m shooting on the huge camera that you can probably see in the reflection there normally I shoot on this guy right here this little point you. But this is what, I’m posting on now this huge DSLR east of a camera with external mic, and I have to say this camera definitely draws the attention. Because people are asking you know you make a movie what are you doing all that said, I’m in a corner postging at JFK like, I’m actually hidden behind a pillar the known can creep on me, and ask me what, I’m doing ah. But oh this thing is huge next tops hype a Taiwan, I’ll see them they will Mustang I do in say goodbye thank you 16 hours later, I’m in Taiwan it’s mated to Taipei that was 16 hours in the portal I didn’t know where I was I didn’t know what time it was I slept for probably about 12 hours which is rare traveling to Asia the flights are just.

So long where by the time you get to where you’re going you don’t know where you are you don’t know what time it is my last time in Taiwan was back in August, and I was going to head into Taipei, and we put some friends. But by the time I get to Taipei hang out come back it’s not going to be enough time. So, I’m just going to hang here in this airport, and I know that, I’m going to do I didn’t get massage I want brain got coffee I’ve got a triple shot of espresso that’s a lot I have to stay awake no matter what NASA persevere I want to get to Bali the first day, and be up, and moving. So, I’m going to crush this coffee this is about the board at the final flight to Bali this is like a six hour flight from Taipei Taiwan that’s Bali we made it to Bali we made some friends we’re getting some cars way up for our song our song our song you know, I’ll put it on what time I get off the plane, and this girl just singing the chainsmokers what is your name Yuri Yudin nice to meet you hey pusherman, I’m gonna rock, and rock oh, and rough yeah nice to meet you made some cool friends it is very very hot. But coming from New York City it feels. So good, and now, I’m going to go get a taxi, and heads to my first Villa and, I’m meeting a friend here like I said that she doesn’t get in until 6:30 p.m.

it’s like four o’clock now master noon since you’re really nice day here too a lot of people were saying it’s been raining a lot right oh maybe in the awesome one you can look fabulous I was really good give me one day your buddy all right thank you for all your help we’re here I think we’re here this is just a guess, I’m not entirely sure where this place is my directions were very very vague go down the dirt road it’s at the end of the dirt road oh we got a guard dog I looks too happy to see us 33 hours later I finally in Bali look how beautiful this is so peaceful this looks like it’s the spot let’s see if we’re right there’s no one here I was supposed to meet the woman who owns this place. But you know after you travel for a long time I don’t know where, I’m at right now I don’t know what time it is. But, I’m just. So happy that it’s not snowing, and it’s not cold yesterday wherever that was at the start of this post I mentioned I had a ticket here, and I booked some places online that’s about it most of these places are locked up. But, I’m going to find a key what do we have here oh look it’s the keys to the castle look inside here which we have oh wow oh wow not bad at all this is home for the next three days not that I love the outdoor kitchen outdoor kitchen swimming pool let me be boobs as awful in myself i confident my eyes all can you I can’t you myself though hold on to the struggle oh oh hang on rest of the crews sleeping over there oh well good good angles bombings really wake up everyone’s out clubbing we got joined them I faded hard I was like oh, I’m going to get here like 7:30 is like man o’clock over here Amalia also we’re saying with like six other people there’s people in here, and then there’s people in there that we met on the Internet just in there pulling the Sun touch me Luke ravenson bothers me now there’s the extra coins illegal here we’re gonna go in the pool that’s a lot be precise all agree that’s a pretty sees no joke I saw this, and I thought maybe coming for waste that’s right they are gazebo giant yes you’re like what you put look at my bachelor good legs we saw what’s the plan to Bali you think we should tell people like what the plan is, I’ll say what the plan is the plan is there’s no plan. So always humans go my own you know my god oh maybe you need to see it yeah I don’t think I look at that okay okay now you’re okay ready you’re good okay.

So there’s a lot of people who are on this trip with us and. So gonna vibe it out, and we have to photo shoot coming up, I’m going to be photographing girls, and yeah there’s a lot of things coming up project life quickly projects wife secret project there’s a senior project we’re literally coming here. Because like, I’m going to Japan on the 25th for a job as figured I’d never been to Bali, and we actually talked about this yeah in New York City where they go you should go to bottle you yeah how’s your to my keynote song we’re done everyone’s career, I’m reading everyone else in your report, I’m the Virgin do you have to go in all at once like I did anything you got oh it’s not that cold do it throw it just go dunk your head it’s not that cold if you just eat that moon pick it right out of the sky. But I was going to say that I haven’t showed off over stain yet should I give a tour this is the swimming pool in the front yard very very nice you look over this way shower outdoor shower everything’s outdoors there’s three bedrooms blonde crap a bunch of chicks well I got lucky, and I have my own bedroom up as part of the whole place the kitchen is outdoor indoor waking up tomorrow morning having a fresh cup of coffee sunrise jump in the pool, and go explore the jungle you look over this way you have your stove also huge thing against tip here thus far do not drink the tap water I took a huge swig of tap water go into this restaurant, and I did I feel okay I’d be lying if I say I fell fine I just took if you don’t drink the tap water instead check it do one of these guys get a huge jug of water that way don’t get sick that is the first bedroom then over this way of holiness sharing this room together haha sucks we heard, and then this I don’t know how this happened I looked out I showed you this earlier I think the whole room to myself every three days we’re moving to a new location, and the last three locations are legit village-like villas, and middle the jungle. So this is the kind of I guess the warm-up into the trip this is like the urban kind of I wouldn’t even call it a bill up it’s so cool well comment down below if you know what type of rare dog do you hit supreme mantis alright let’s go let’s go hit the town I say you walk out of our Villa, and we are in the middle of nowhere we’re going to go off to the main road grab a beer to cap off the first night here in Bali, and shine the light on our faces. So you can see us. But also I can’t see what we’re going.

So, I’m going to stop this is the start of the Bali travel series if you liked today’s post smash that thumbs up button – a comment down below your favorite part of the post what did it just fall I were going into the darkness we’ll see you tomorrow from Bali yeah. So until tomorrow remember to smile more worried less will make money which is very less, and live your passion.

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