We are in Sydney Australia going for a morning run little windy little cold. But this is Sydney err yeah we’re all surely right now Mike what’s up how’s it feel myself well normally it’s vice-versa normally you’re going off on a job and, I’m staying here, and now, I’m going off on a job halfway across the world more than halfway across the world Tuesday morning it’s July the 12th 2018, I’m starting a 36-hour journey traveling from Manhattan all the way to Sydney Australia all right get your stuff in there oh said your crap you put this step this is Cameron Hey hi, I’m going to the airport authority the first part of this trip it’s a there’s a lot of moving parts. So right now, I’m in a cab going from the apartment to the Port Authority we’re meeting up with Craig if I haven’t mentioned yet who, I’m going with, I’m going with my best friend from college Craig Kelly he’s taking the train up from Philadelphia we’re meeting at the Port Authority we have to take the train from Penn Station to the Newark Airport in New Jersey which is about an hour, and a half this is the farthest I will ever be traveling away from home it’s literally to the other side of the world I just got down to 42nd Street, and 8th Avenue at the Port Authority, and now, I’m waiting over a little stream that’s New York for you get out of the mill the street piece of sh Rex bus gets in at 1 o’clock.


So he should be here in a few minutes speak of the devil, and there he is look in the chair come are you ready for this are you ready for this are you longing my blog is like are you losing are you building welcome to the Australia trip this is Craig Kelly you’ve probably seen him before from the Philly posts best friend from college he’s serving almost like the boat you caught the assistant producer for this trip we just got on the train leaving Penn Station to Newark Airport taxi train + airplane cookies we just got some new work, and there’s a bit of a holdup at security. So in my backpack I have like a thousand dollars in cash I have two hard drives I have three cameras it kind of looks a little sketchy the reason why we have a thousand dollars in cash. Because for this trip the company gave us a budget food, and travel, and transportation, and that’s Craig’s expertise as budget as uh Eric say that he had 1,000 bucks cash I realize that was kind of weird. So we should explain, I’m feeling like yeah we the thousand dollars, and cash is like wait what oh yeah that’s our budget for the trip for food for transportation on the ground for things in Sydney activities activities Newark Airport is so much busier than JFK it is insane how many planes are flying out of here, and into here, and just all the people in here it’s kind of busy for a Tuesday Craig is on a business call this is Craig doing business all about the business let’s head over to the gate we’re about to board in a few minutes we’re flying Virgin America today, and look at their employee.

I love the lights in here, and check this out we finally have a window seat on a flight first flight is to Los Angeles then we have a layover there what’s up crazy he is we just got done a six-hour flight to Los Angeles, and he is running his luggage down the stairs this is the part of the trip look at that what do you have in there hope you’ll have your computer in there I guess we keep each other away how do you feel over 12 hours into our travel we knew it’d be tough we haven’t planned out that we’re gonna stay awake for the first 7 hours of the 14-hour flight to Sydney go to bed Australian time hopefully sleep tonight, and wake up, and be refreshed to go in Sydney oh you know it’s crazy I’ve never seen a sunset from the airplane yeah that’s my first time reading the sunset from the sky really cool I like that the flight daily is not too bad, and now we’re transferring to our next terminal we have to go to the International Terminal you see all that madness at the International Airport we took some back way we had no clue where we were going bypass all that crap good job Craig sometimes being lost helps we just made it to the gate five minutes to spare we’re all you know ready to check in get on the flight Craig’s like oh we need dinner. So he runs off he went that way way down that way, and that’s not cool look at this guy yeah Hina killing me back over there talk you want to say hi to Frank he’s in China too we’ve got the goods we have our burgers we’re in line get on the plane we just got on the flight reporting what you have to say for yourself Craig I way too much energy to be what I am right now we’re gonna try to stay awake until 10:00 p.m. Sydney time one two three cheers Thursday July 14 2018 32 hours later, and we have arrived in Australia hey Hey Noriko I it is cold in Australia probably high 40s low 50s we are in Sydney Australia going for a morning run 8 o’clock in the morning ok we get to the hotel our room wasn’t ready yet.

So we’re like oh that’s ok, and you know we’ve been awake for probably close to 32 hours. So Craig’s like hey let’s go for a run the best way to be jetlag going for a run this in a new city I forgot to mention we went from Tuesday to Thursday, and we didn’t have a Wednesday the flight from New York to Sydney is probably one of the hardest travel trips that there is. But it’s well worth that I mean look at that let’s keep going yeah onward with the run let’s go. So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more worry less live your passion we are in Australia Craig just got to Australia going from warning around what is this.

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