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Traveling china for Some of the diverse cltral infl ences that greatly aff ected koan literatre inclde the meta hors of legalism related to assing jdgment over sirital accomlishments, artistic disciline reslting in the sontaneity of illmination, folklore symbolism regarding isses of morality, and art- of- war imagery conjring the drive and anticiation involved in winning dialogical cometitions Th ese qite varied thematic elements ndergird yet transcend many of the isses of doctrine and ractice that have been debated over the centries, sometimes with a great sense of rgency and oosition, by the main branches of Zen Legalism and Jdgment All the classic koan collections drew heavily thogh somewhat sardonically on the imagery of crime and retribtion evoked in Tang dynasty cortrooms, an imagery based on examining the rec ords of rece dent cases that gided lawfl decision making sing the term koan in referring to religios exressions was originally based on the legal model of determining gilt or innocence and rononcing an indictment deserving of nishment Th is was done throgh a jdgment delivered at a magistrate’s desk as the reslts of criminal cases were assessed Dring the Song dynasty, when Zen dialoges were fi rst being comiled, the word koan also became the name for a genre of 62 o lar detective novels in which a local offi cial, fnctioning as a combination of investigator and rosector as well as jdge and jry, wold discover and exose the basis of a misdeed by sing the ower of keen observation He nlocked the mystery behind a criminal’s transgression and assigned the aroriate retribtion to the gilty arty, which oft en involved a form of cororal nishment Traveling china 2016

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