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Sight-seeing tours. In the summer season, open observation cars, with the seats arranged in tiers, run on the tramlines around the mountain, and through the residential and commercial districts. Some local taxi firms also offer tours of the city. Lakeshore Lines Ltd. (‚„phone NE. 5-0981) makes a boat trip of the harbour.
The luxurious tours organized by Canada Steamship lines leave Montreal for the Saguenay river and make calls at such points of interest as Quebec city, Murray Bay, Tadoussac. the steamship cruise is the best way to appreciate the grandeur of the St. Lawrence and its tributaries, and new beauties come into view with every bend in the river. There are 5-day, 6-day, 7-day, and 8-day tours, or itineraries can be plan-ned independently from the schedule of sailings.

Traveling To Canada for His farewell address is widely regarded as a distilled expression of republican ideals. He appealed for an allegiance to country above that to party, section or state and urged pursuit of national selfinterest and neutrality in matters of foreign policy. When he died on December 13, 1799, he was deeply mourned as the revered, almost worshiped, father of his nation. BIBLIOGRAPHY. Richard Brookhiser, Founding Father: Rediscovering George Washington (Free Press, 1996); Stanley Elkins and Eric McKitrick, The Age of Federalism: The Early American Republic, 1788 1800 (Oxford University Press, 1993); Joseph Ellis, Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation (Vintage Books, 2000); James Thomas Flexner, Washington: The Indispensable Man (Little, Brown, 1969); John C. Miller, The Federalist Era, 1789 1801 (Waveland Press, 1960). HOLLY A. Traveling To Canada 2016.

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