Hi guys this is Aggie sorry about my messy hair. I just got over the jacuzzi. I don’t want to pull a tile office on you. But I want to just show you this beautiful place that. I got to stay here in Vegas it’s a noble hotel villa the retail price which post which retail prize goes for, nine that’s right, And that’s actually the topic of my today’s Monday motivation is gonna be super quick cause. I need to check out but I’ve been posting a lot of stories from the same place. And obviously. I did not pay for how to stay here. I actually was asked to stay here to promote it. And take photos. And I gladly did. So because it’s an amazing place. And this stuff it’s just like. So warm. And amazing like a family but the retail owner recruited posts because the reaction of the people. And my followers. And my friends.


So the two groups into reactions. I got from posting photos from Pier one group was like oh my god this is actually. So motivating. I look at you. And I can see that if you can do it. I can do it too that’s a very healthy reaction however there’s an entire group of my friends. And followers that go like oh my god, I’m So jealous like you know they kind of imply that. I shouldn’t be showing off. And I’m just thinking like. I kind of see the same difference between my new kind of friends that. I met through Tony Robbins that you know apply it but it’s like private planes. And you know like by yachts. And I know how the copters. And stuff like that. And they really genuinely enjoy it. And they enjoy their success. And enjoy the you know being paid back for all the hard work that they put in building their business. And their reactions are.

So good Aggie this is alSo So motivating good for you it’s nothing about being mature it’s about being like okay you got to do it for free well enjoy it you know this is what life is all about. And my success actually motivates them. And yes. I guess what, I’m trying to say is very very quick is that really be careful about your reaction when you see people’s success because it really determines your entire attitude to your success as well if you look at the other people what you think oh they’re lucky, I’m. So jealous the kind of like you know didn’t quite deserve what a good by accident then that’s that’s a very twisted thinking. And first of all it’s very negative. And it’s not helping you to grow. So next time you see someone showing off something the class is showing up. So you know what that’s great, I’m glad that she she’s where she is right now that she’s sharing that because this is motivating me, I’m going to get there she can give their African can get there too or here. So if you show you what how beautiful this place is real quick this is. I mean, I’m going to post the blog from here it’s an entire floor comes with three bedrooms. And a butler. And a bar. And then everything green ice with this place. So take a look at it. And thank you know up Ike you get to stay here for free. I hope one day or no you know one day you’ll be able to afford it. I wish that for you. I love you. So much. I’ll see on the next Monday Monday vation bye.

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