Travel to Turin and Piedmont

As an industrial powerhouse and home of the carmaker Fiat, Turin has a gritty reputation, but remember that it was once home to the royal family of Italy. The historic center is still just as regal as it was in the 19th century. Aside from the royal palace, Turin’s most famous attraction is the Shroud of Turin, a relic that is said to bear the imprint of Christ’s face. Thanks to the exposure the area received during the 2006 Olympic Winter Games, Turin and its satellite winemaking towns no longer sit in an overlooked corner of Italy. Heard of Asti Spumanti? The Langhe is the part of Piedmont where some of Italy’s most celebrated wines are made, especially in Asti, Barolo, and Barbaresco, in the hills just southeast of Turin. The Barbera, Dolcetto, and Nebbiolo grapes have their origins here. Take a break from sightseeing to wine and dine your palate.

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