Travel and Transportation Tips in Geneva

Geneva is known worldwide due to Swiss watches and chocolate, but also as the Peace Capital. Moreover, it hosts the headquarters of Red Cross, agencies of the United Nations as well as numerous international organizations. Geneva is one of the most important financial centres in the word, has a high quality of life, but in the same time it’s one of the most expensive cities globally.

One could say that a holiday in Geneva is not for everybody,neither for those who have a limited budget, nor for those looking for a peaceful holiday. On the one hand, you will hardly find an accessible place to stay during your journey. The accommodation in Geneva can costs you pretty much, especially if you want to be near the centre of the city. Secondly, it is a busy city all day long not only at rush hours, the traffic jams being very frequent.

However, those seeking for an adventurous journey in Geneva will enjoy its lifestyle, sights and surroundings. Geneva can be visited all year-round, as in every season tourists have different ways ofentertainment of which they can choose. In the summer, swimming in some part of Lake Geneva is allowed, while during the winter months you can spend your holiday at the ski resorts near Geneva.

Transportation in Geneva

Geneva is served by an international airport, so it’s quite easy to get there from everywhere. Geneva International Airport is located at just 4km away from the city centre, and it can be reached both from Switzerland and France. The transport from the airport to the city is covered by public means of transportation and also by private airport transfers. The airport transfers in Geneva are an option worth to consider if you had a long-haul flight and you want to get to your hotel as soon as possible. Otherwise, public means of transport are the best way to get to the city as they are very efficient.

Driving to Geneva is not the best option because the city is busy not only at rush hour, between 8-9am and 5-6pm, but almost all the time. Besides, you can get stuck in traffic because of the one-way routes and turn restrictions; don’t even think about to strain the law as there are cameras and radars everywhere in the city.

Sights in Geneva

One of the most famous landmarks of Geneva is the Jet d’Eau Fountain; it’s the tallest water tower in the word. Lake Geneva is also a popular tourist destination as tourists can find there numerous ways of entertainment and recreation. On the right and left banks of the lake, you can find cafes, shops, parks and street markets. The Old Town concentrates Geneva long history as many historical buildings, churches and monuments. One of Geneva’s curiosities, the Passage de Monetier, can be found in the Old Town, but it’s open in December, only for one weekend during the festival l’Escalade. If you think about exploring Geneva’ surroundings, don’t be surprise to see sheep in the streets; there people still keep this tradition.

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