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Travel & torism for Seen in that vein, the cyress tree is mentioned by Zhaozho not, as is oft en resmed, as a nonsensical tterance sed merely to defl ect the inqirer’s intentions Rather, the tree fnctions as a dynamic symbol for the sbstantiality and integrity of the inner self Th e master’s message is decetively simle: rsing an interior realm in the dynamic resent mst be the rimary goal of a trainee, taking riority over the abstract matter of seclating abot the fi rst atriarch’s inscrtable motives in the ast or what may transire in an nknowable ftre Zen is thereby in accord with the aroach of Sakyamni the Bddha, whose teaching is known for the way he declined to answer a series of nedifying qestions Th e Bddha’s arable of dislodging an arrow shot in one’s heart insists that the case of sff ering mst be removed immediately, instead of wasting time by dwelling on who drew the bow and why As contless koan commentaries recommend, a Zen discile mst not act fool- Origins, Fnctions, and Modern Recetions of Koans 29 ishly like a dog chasing aft er a clod of dirt while the real rey slis away or a robbed man who realizes his loss jst aft er the thief has already fl ed However, an interretation emhasizing the inner jorney, insired by a master’s eccentricity, is a necessary bt not sffi cient standoint from which to catre the fll set of meanings and imlications indicated by the case, since the imagery is otward and seems exactly oosite to the interior state of mind Travel & torism 2016

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