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St. Croix : The island of St. Croix is the largest of the Virgin Islands but not so developed a tourist place as St. Thomas. This is an agricultural island deriving its revenue principally from sugar cane, cattle ranches, and rum distillation. Points of sightseeing interest on St. Croix include: the old Fort in Frederiksted dating back to 1760; the old Fort in Christiansted; the Steeple Building; the Lutheran Church with tombstones on the floor and in the walls (official Danish Government Church); Government House, seat of Danish Government; the newly furnished Reception Hall with replicas of original Danish Government furnishings; the interesting archways and decorative architecture; the Christiansted wharf and downtown business area, a National Historic Site whose preservation is observed by law; trading schooners at the wharf; the many donkey carts for local color; Alexander Hamilton Store where Alexander Hamilton worked as a boy; Rachael Levine Monument at Grange (mother of Alexander Hamilton); East End of Island, most easterly point in U. S.; the Bethlehem Sugar Factory; Cane Fields; windmills dotting the Island; old ruins of sugar estates; Salt River where Columbus first landed in the Virgin Islands and had his first battle with Carib Indians. Go to Buck Island and beautiful beaches of dazzling white coral sand and Butler‚„s Bay, which was made famous by Philip Freneau, the poet of the American Revolution, in ‚“The Beauties of Santa Cruz.‚


St. John: There are daily boats to the Island of St. John. There you have Cruz Bay with guest cottages, Gallow Point, also located on Cruz Bay (accommodations, three housekeeping cottages) and Trunk Bay Estate, a delightful spot overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Also Caneel Bay Plantation, a delightful modern beach colony recently renovated by Laurence Rockefeller who has purchased large acreage on St. John for tr national park. The island offers excellent swimming, fishing and exploring. Horses are available, with or without .guides.

SOURCES OF FURTHER INFORMATION : The Chambers of Commerce and offices of the Department of Trade in St. Thomas and at Christiansted as well as at 122 E. 42nd St., New York, N. Y. The Virgin Island Tours Office, St. Thomas, for tours and for trips to St. John. The Pan American office or travel agencies on either island will also give helpful information.
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