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Travel to usa for We have already highlighted a number of factors that favor the Star’s historicity. On a general level, genre considerations, the importance of historical accuracy to the early Christians, the stability of the transmission of the Jesus tradition in the early church, Matthew’s conservative handling of his sources, and the consistency of Matthew’s portrayal of Herod with that of Josephus speak in favor of the account’s historical reliability. With respect to the nativity narrative, the corroboration of many elements of the account by Luke, the lack of any plausible alternative explanation of the origin of the Magi story, and the positive presentation of the Magi argue strongly for historical reliability. So also does the fact that the account of the Magi and the Star has many traits that render it the sort of event that tends to be remembered accurately by eyewitnesses. Ignatius, who ministered in the irst century AD and knew the apostles and other prominent early Christians, makes speciic mention of the Bethlehem Star in chapter of his letter To the Ephesians A star shone in heaven [with a brightness beyond all the stars; its light was indescribable, and its newness provoked astonishment. And all the other stars, together with the Sun and the Moon, formed a chorus to the star, yet its light far exceeded them all. And there was perplexity regarding from where this new entity came, so unlike anything else [in the heavens was it. Travel to usa 2016.

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