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Turkey is a real bridge between East and West, both geographically and culturally.

Turkey is situated between 36‚°and 42‚° north latitude, and between 26‚° and 55‚° east longitude. It is bounded, in the north, by the Black Sea; in the northeast, by the Russian Caucasus; in the east, by. Iran; in the south, by Iraq, Syria, and the by the Aegean Sea and Greece; and in the northwest, by Bulgaria. Land – frontiers total i,835 miles, as follows: ‘with Russia, 366.6; with Iran, 292; with Iraq, .234.9;: .with Greece, 126.7; and with Bulgaria, 124. There are 4,429 miles of coastline, deeply indented and fringed with islands along the Aegean Sea.

The area of Turkey is 296,503 square miles, 96.88 % of which lies in Asia arid the remaining 3. 12 % in Europe. Turkey – in – Europe is divided from Turkey – in – Asia by the Dardannelles, the Sea of Marmara, and the Bosphorus – the historic waterway which links the Aegean Sea with the Black Sea. The European portion of Turkey is about the size ž of New Hampshire, while the Asiatic portion is somewhat larger than the combined areas of Pennsylvania. Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.

Few regions in the world have had in their history so long a period .of successive civilizations. This period in Turkey dates back to the fourth millenium before the Christian era. People of the paleolithic period, and those of the Age of Caverns, which we know archeologically, but not historically, lived on these highlands and along the coast. Then came the Hittites, Lydians, Phrygians, Carians, Dorians, Acolians, Ionians, Cimmerians, Bithynians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, > Danishmendides, Selcuks, and finally the Ottoman Turks, who established themselves after the beginning of the XIV Century.

As a consequence of this historic richness, Turkey is crowded with ancient cities or their remains, monuments, works of arts, and relics, which make this country a most interesting one for the world tourist. Another characteristic of Turkey is that 38 geographic, names from the. New Testament lie within the present boundaries of the Turkish Republic. To those 38 places, there are a total of 162 references. It was in Antakya (Ancient Antioch on Orontes) that the name of Christian was first applied to the followers of the New Way. Thus, the name Christian is itself of Anatolian origin.

The 1950 census showed that Turkey had a population of 20,902,628. Turkey is primarily an agricultural country and four-fifths of her population lives in rural areas and only one – fifth in towns, Among the Turkish cities with a population of more than 50.000 people, the biggest and the best known are the old capital, Istanbul, with 1,000,022 inhabitants, the new capital, Ankara, with 286,780 people, the important Aegean port of Izmir, with 230,508 people, and Bursa, with 100,007 inhabitants at the foot of Uludag (Mount Olympus of Misia). All these historic cities are thousands of years old.

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