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Travel to the usa for Before the Magi arrived in Jerusalem, Herod may well have known about the Star’s behavior in recent weeks or months, but he did not know when the Star had irst appeared. How much of the Star’s history he was aware of since that irst appearance, we simply cannot know for sure. In the wake of the Magi’s arrival in Jerusalem but prior to Herod’s meeting with them, the king only knew that the Magi were claiming that recent astronomical events had revealed that the Messiah had just been born. At the covert discussion, Herod presumably got a more complete account of the Star. Most importantly, he discovered the particular day and month that the star had appeared in the sky then, as nowadays, only professional astronomers could have been expected to have such information. Herod evidently igured that, if he knew this, he would know the maximum age of the Messiah. Since Herod was providing the Magi with the key piece of information that they needed to complete their mission to worship the Messiah the place of the Messiah’s birth and was even effectively commissioning them to ind the newborn Messiah, the Magi had every reason to think that they could trust him. Travel to the usa 2016.

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