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Travel to thailand for Concerning the question of why Herod did not elect to send a spy or armed escort, the most natural explanation is the one suggested by the narrative he saw no need to do so. Moreover, if the Magi had discovered that they were being watched, Herod’s whole objective would have been jeopardized. The king of Judea would have been certain that his simple plot was working he knew that he had successfully hoodwinked the naive Magi into thinking that he too wanted to pay homage to the newborn Messiah. He had every reason to think that the Magi would return to him to let him know where precisely the infant was, if indeed they were able to discover him at all. Matthew tells us that the Magi would indeed have reported back to him, had they not been warned in a dream not to do so. In addition, Herod had a Plan B in the unlikely case that his targeted assassination of the messianic child failed the massacre of Bethlehem’s infants. In view of the fact that neither Plan A nor Plan B worked, Herod might well have wished that he had sent a spy. Travel to thailand 2016.

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