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Travel to states for The process of acquisition of modern characteristics by traditional societies was termed development. Further, that the process of development could be speeded-up by providing key capital, technical, and military inputs to developing countries’ governments by the UNITED STATES. The acceptance of these ideas by the majority of scholars, consultants, research foundations, and government officials in the United States led to the creation of official foreign-aid programs. Additionally, multilateral financial institutions were given the role of channeling resources to developing countries. This modernization model was applied to all freeworld developing countries during the 1950s and 1960s. However, after two decades of development these countries had little to show in terms of economic or social development. Additionally, it was not a coincidence that anti-democratic regimes took hold in almost all of them as modernization theorists and practitioners generally held the view that democracy would either have to wait until economic development was achieved, or it would follow automatically. Travel to states 2016.

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