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Travel to south africa for Supernovas are more rare, at least in recent centuries although note that there were two major ones in the eleventh century AD, but why would the Magi have interpreted one to signify the birth of the Jewish Messiah? We are therefore very skeptical concerning the hypothesis that the Star was a nova or supernova. Meteors Hypothesis Sir Patrick Moore was the most prominent champion of the hypothesis that the Star seen by the Magi in the east and then in Bethlehem was actually two separate shooting stars. Meteoroids are essentially debris, mostly from comets but also from some asteroids. The mostly pebble-size or smaller objects orbit the Sun until they are destroyed by it or crash into a planet. To become visible as shooting stars to human observers on Earth, the orbit of meteoroids must cross Earth’s orbit when Earth is present. Such is the remarkable velocity of these bits of debris up to km per second! that, upon striking Earth’s atmosphere, they gradually disintegrate even as they excite the molecules of air, giving rise to glowing streaks of light. Such streaks are classiied as meteors or shooting stars. Travel to south africa 2016.

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