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Good morning this is Agni. And Challenger shoes it's Monday. So it's time to landing motivation super quick because this what is getting called Express electric heating outfits whether, I'm in Kolkata right now it is Monday morning. And it is possible to have a lifestyle jet would involve you being here on Monday morning more than once a year. And I believe that the only way it's going to happen.

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Travel To Positano Italy

And I've done a lot of motivation ingredient that you vacuumed easier you can be here too. Because I strongly strongly strongly believe this is very church. And for the town is one of these places that if using planet you can actually make it for yourself. And you me as the minimal success is having time. I might open. So many money is about having a new experiences we actually here we Michael on holidays we're not cooperating.

So we're not getting safe here like people think taking our online we have to say our money here because we want this quality of life through collective experiences instead of banks. And instead of you know another car in a very average car but a very cool lifestyle. And we can say that this is our Monday mornings pretty darn awesome. And yeah. I wanna encourage. I encourage you to actually always invest in experiences. And creating lifestyle that little things. And lots of beautiful breakfast. And just enjoy. And really alright that wasn't for any motivation digital reading then you know how to comment which was your favorite posts of bar. And what they want to focus on career or just lifestyle. I would be very curious. And I'm glad you liking the the series that. I love recording us to love you for the blog see you here for face.

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