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Mexico Country

I Low ? High / Average 54‚° Days of Rain 3

WEATHER IN MEXICO CITY Lat. N19‚°26′ Alt. 7.349′


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66‚° 70‚° 75‚° 78‚° 79‚° 76‚° 74‚° 74‚° 72‚° 70‚° 68‚° 65‚°

157‚° 62‚° 65‚° 67‚° 66‚° 64‚° 64‚° 63‚° 60‚° 58‚° 54‚°

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LOCATION : Mexico lies between the United States and Central America, with coast lines on the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. Mexico City is 1,560 air miles from Los Angeles, 1,275 air miles from Miami, 746 air miles from Houston.

CHARACTERISTICS : Mexico, land of the ancient Aztecs, has a wide range of attractions for everyone: fabulous beaches and world-famous resorts : modern cities flavored with the charm of Old Spain : volcanoes, snow-capped mountains, blooming deserts : thrilling bullfights, colorful fiestas: exquisite shops, luxurious hotels, the gayest of night clubs. You‚„ll find all these in Mexico. And you‚„ll receive more than twelve pesos for one United States dollar!

POPULATION : Estimated at 30,000,000 equal to about a sixth of the population of the United States.

SIZE : 760,290 square miles, roughly a quarter of the area of the United States.

CAPITAL : Mexico City, officially Mexico D.F. (Federal District), population estimated at 4,000,000, about the size of Chicago.

GOVERNMENT : Mexico is a republic of 29 states, officially known as the United States of Mexico, and two territories (South Lower California and Quintana Roo) and a Federal District.

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