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Travel to kauai on Mercantilism had some of the earmarks of capitalism with trade goods of high value emphasized in a global market and complex monetary systems to handle the exchange. Dutch banks and credit houses, private enterprises such as the DUTCH WEST INDIA COMPANY rounded out the capitalistic field. However, the mercantile system of colonial landbased goods flowing back to the European countries had a flaw. Control of colonial lands far across the seas was only possible if the colonies were economically dependent on the mother countries for finished products. In a purely capitalistic sense, it was not efficient to harvest raw materials from your own colony, ship them back to Europe for production as finished goods, then have the good shipped back to you, where you then paid for the finished product. Mercantile empires attempted to control their colonies by restricting finishedgood production, requiring shipping only on empire ships, and forbidding trade with unfriendly mercantile empires and colonies even if they were next door with needed products. This was only possible by military force and control of vital necessities such as food production. Travel to kauai 2016.

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