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Travel to japan for Babylonian Records The Babylonians kept astronomical diaries, namely detailed records of their celestial observations, for many centuries, from the middle of the eighth century BC right up to the irst century AD. These records refer to a comet as a sallammu or sallummu. Unfortunately, no Babylonian records of comets survive from the ifty years either side of the birth of Jesus. Only nine Babylonian comet records have survived, and they only in fragmentary form, mentioning comets in and BC. The BC and BC comets are believed to be apparitions of Halley’s Comet. It is worth briely overviewing some of these Babylonian cometary records, preserved on surviving fragments of cuneiform texts, to get a sense of what the Babylonian astronomers tended to take note of regarding comets. Concerning the BC comet, they noted that it was irst observed in the east in the last watch of the night sometime in January/February. Travel to japan 2016.

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