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Travel to ireland for Sixth, at no stage did Halley’s Comet during its BC apparition ever appear in the south. It irst appeared in the east before slowly moving to the north and then to the west, at which point it disappeared from the sky. This is in contrast to the Bethlehem Star, which was seen in the southern sky, when it led the Magi from Jerusalem to Bethlehem. It is clear that the Halley’s Comet hypothesis is fundamentally lawed and untenable. It is puzzling that, of the entire comet population, so many scholars discussing the Star of Bethlehem have zeroed in on it. As impressively bright as it has been over recent millennia, Halley’s is scarcely the only great comet in history. Indeed, long-period comets, like the Great Comets of and , are often even more stunning than Halley’s particularly in its BC apparition appearing brighter, sporting larger comas and/or greater tails, and remaining visible for longer. Travel to ireland 2016.

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