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Honduras Country.



WEATHER IN, TEGUCIGALPA Lat. N14‚°6′ Alt. 3,200′


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Travel To Honduras, Holiday In Honduras


Temp. 65‚° 71‚° 73‚°, 74‚° 73‚° 75‚° 73‚° 73‚° 73‚° 70‚° 71‚° 66‚°

In. Of Rain 0.18 0.05 0.29 0.97 5.90 5.00 6.76 6.53 7.76 3.55 1.26 1.31

LOCATION: The Republic of Honduras lies between Guatemala and Nicaragua in the Central American strip, with coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific, El Salvador is its neighbor to the southwest.

CHARACTERISTICS: Honduras, most mountainous *of the Central American countries, offers the vacationist adventure difficult to match in any other Latin American country today. In this little republic which jumped from the ox cart to the airplane in one prodigious leap -sixteenth-century Spanish colonial atmosphere is superbly preserved. Here visitors can see the ruins of the ancient M,aya city of Copan, which flourished about the time of Christ, and take a boat trip through a tropical jungle whose trees teem with brilliantly colored birds and hordes of chattering monkeys. All the larger cities of Honduras offer good hotel accommodations at a wide range in prices. Chief recreational pastimes include golf, tennis, hunting, swimming and fishing (both lake and deep sea). The people of Honduras are mostly Indian and mestizo (a combination of Spanish and Indian). They are friendly. You‚„ll enjoy this tropical country off the beaten tourist track.

POPULATION: 1,607, 488 inhabitants.

SIZE: Approximately 46, 330 square miles.

CAPITAL: Tegucigalpa, D.C. (Central District), with a population of 82, 000. The neighboring city of Comayaguela has a population of 17, 984. Altitude is 3,200 feet above sea level.

GOVERNMENT: An independent republic.

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