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WEATHER IN GUATEMALA CITY Lat. N14‚°37′ Alt. 4,850′


Temp. 61.3 62.8 65.7 66.2 68.0 66.2 65.8 66.0 65.7 64.8 62.8 61.3

In. of Rain 0.3 0.2 0.5 1.3 5.6 11.5 8.0 8.0 9.2 6.7 0.9 0.2

LOCATION: South and east of Mexico, Guatemala is the most northern country in Central America.

CHARACTERISTICS : Guatemala is for the traveler who is seeking atmosphere rather than gay night life, local color rather than chic resorts. Part of Guatemala‚„s charm is its unspoiled native life. Guatemala City has been rebuilt since the last earthquake in 1917; it is a small, clean city with a cosmopolitan air. Guatemalans are friendly and glad to help the visitor. They are a quiet-spoken, well-educated, proud and patriotic people.

POPULATION: Approximately 3,000,000, or about the same as Chicago.

SIZE : 42,456 square miles, similar to the area of Tennessee. CAPITAL : Guatemala City, with roughly 300,000 inhabitants, is about the size of San Diego.

GOVERNMENT: A republic, the Government is divided into three bodies: executive, legislative and judicial. The executive is represented by the President and ten Cabinet Ministers, the legislative by one Congress composed of 56 members representing 22 states (called Departamentos). Each state has a Governor appointed by the President.

HOW TO GET THERE : By Pan American Clipper, 5 hours from New Orleans; 7% hours from Miami, via Havana; 3 hours from Mexico City; 8Vi hours from Los Angeles. From Houston, 314 hours to Mexico City where connections are made for Guatemala. From

New York, about 11 hours to Mexico City with Clipper connection Houston, 3 more to Guatemala. By ship 3 days from New Orleans to the Guatemalan port of Puerto Barrios.

ACCOMMODATIONS: There are good hotels in Guatemala City and throughout the highlands. Rates given are single, American Plan and apply the year around. First-class hotels include the Palace, Pan American (both $7 to $12.50), the Maya Excelsior ($6 to $9) and the San Carlos ($7 to $10). Others in order of merit are the Plaza ($5 to $7), Colonial, Gran Continental and La Continental. There are a number of good pensions ($3.50 to $5) including Casa Shaw, Chez Bruna and Fernandez.

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