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WEATHER IN SANTIAGO Lat. 33‚°27‚„ Alt. 1800′


52‚° 52‚° 50‚° 46‚° 47‚° 42‚° 43‚° 43‚° 43‚° 48‚° 49‚° 83‚° 83‚° 84‚° 72‚° 68‚° 58‚° 59‚° 61‚° 66‚° 74‚° 79‚° 84‚°

Average 67‚° 66‚° 64‚° 56‚° 55‚° 47‚° 48‚° 51‚° 54‚° 60‚° 63‚° 66‚°

LOCATION: A narrow strip between the Andes and the South Pacific, Chile extends from Peru 2,600 miles along the west coast of South America farther than from New York to Los Angeles.

CHARACTERISTICS : The capital of Chile has a different atmosphere from most of the capitals in its sister countries. Somehow it is less Latin. Many of the people have English, Irish or German ancestry. You will see many blond people who speak only Spanish but look as though they should speak English. The city itself is beautifully located on a high plain. The Mapocho River runs through the city; the peaks of the Andes are to the east. Commanding the city are Cerro San Cristobal, whose terraced slopes rise high above the town. The city is modern and there are few old buildings.

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