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Travel to brazil for Therefore we have every reason to believe that many great cometary apparitions have long been forgotten. In the case of the Greco-Roman comet data, we are dependent on a selection of scattered references to comets drawn from different writings. As for the Far Eastern records, although some writers assume that the surviving Chinese records from the Former Han period are so comprehensive that a cometary Star of Bethlehem would certainly have been among them, this is simply not true see appendix It is widely accepted by scholars in the ield that most records were lost prior to the composition of the Han shu, and that the historians were very selective in those that they elected to integrate into their narrative, making their choices based on astrological and ideological considerations. It should also be appreciated that Matthew is claiming to preserve observations of the Christ Star by astronomers who in all probability come from Babylon speciically concerning the Star’s irst appearance and heliacal rising. Effectively, then, in Matthew we have indirect access to Bab ylo nian records of the Christ Comet. Matthew probably implies that the Magi had a written record regarding the comet’s apparition from which they were able to draw in order to inform Herod regarding the date of the irst appearance of the comet. Moreover, the reaction of Herod and the people of Jerusalem to the Magi’s enquiry strongly implies that they themselves had been awed by the sight of the comet but had not been interpreting it messianically. Travel to brazil 2016.

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