Travel to Bermuda

Travel to Bermuda

CHOOSING SLOW LIVING Monday Motivation from Bermuda

Hi this is Joe on her shoes Agee Laos trade from Bermuda, I’m just hanging out at the beach. I just finished an event with cloudy bay wines that brought me here for America’s Cup. And I just finish. I have one more day in Bermuda before. I fly out tonight. And I want it to go just, I’m just spending a time at the beach. And thinking. And I was like oh. I think it’s time for me to record my Monday motivation. And what. I want to talk to you about is something that I’ve been I’ve learned on this trip a lot this entire trip was all about like sailing. And I’m plugging. And you know this very little Wi-Fi here. And I’m kind of forced to unplug. And barely any reception out at sea. And at the beginning.

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I was like it was giving me anxiety because every time you have an idea of everything that you have to do it does give you anxiety because you want to make sure that you get everything done before you get to rest. But I have to tell you the last two years. I have not been able to get everything done like period there’s always something to be done they’re more distractions they’re always these little things just when you finish replying to all these emails there’s another email coming. And there’s something to look up. And it’s basically our brains are wired to be constantly busy. So you to be truly happy in like. And really it’s what. I don’t know how to do. But I am learning. And I used to know how to do it. And now it’s it’s harder. And harder for me because you know blog is my passion. And if them not doing mine of motivation them to editing blogs. And I’m planning my next trip at saturated episodes there’s always something to do for me. But I am learning that. I have to learn to say you know what. I mean half an hour of just dipping my feet in the ocean. And not worry about it. And it might seem funny to you that. I struggle with that as a traveler um yeah it’s it’s always either in a group or, I’m with Michael or we’re filming or we’re shooting or it’s part of an event. So it’s never really just like unplugging or there’s my phone nearby or. I you know there’s always something but this time. I have like shitless of emails. I haven’t replied to.

So many responsibilities that, I’m just. So much behind. And even though. I would never take a day if you know. I would never let myself, I’m. So behind. I decided that this time is gonna be different this time actually. I am gonna take you know an hour to just sit in the ocean just sitting under the beach dipping my feet in the sand, I was just lying down. And I just came to grab my phone which is not connected to the Internet then. I just wanted to share that with you. So if you really just are struggling with like things that just too much in your life you have to know that there is no way you can get anything that everything then before you can rest there will be a point when you mentally have to know. I know mentally. I can’t rest when things are not done but, I’m going to get half an hour its half an hour won’t kill me. And actually will be more productive instead of like stating. I won’t be as productive when, I’m. So tired. So I just have to get some rest go out in the ocean. And spend some time wholly by yourself it’s not even a group it’s not even with your husband boyfriend girlfriend. I don’t know whoever your mom dad sister it has to be by yourself out in the nature of just rewiring your brain to be like okay what’s important this is important you know, I’m part of this nature this is all it counts you know all right maybe that was too close a football. But I hope you get my message. I love you. And I send you lots of love from Bermuda. And his beautiful beach see you next week bye.

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