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WEATHER IN BARBADOS Lat N13‚°4′ Alt Arox sea level

Tem JAN FEB MAR AR MAY JNE JLY AG SET OCT NOV DEC Low 70‚° 69‚° 70‚° 71‚° 73‚° 74‚° 74‚° 74‚° 73‚° 73‚° 73‚° 71‚°

High 83‚° 83‚° 84‚° 85‚° 87‚° 87‚° 86‚° 86‚° 86‚° 86‚° 85‚° 84‚°

Average 77‚° 76‚° 77‚° 78‚° 80‚° 81‚° 80‚° 80‚° 80‚° 80‚° 79‚° 78‚°

DaysofRain 14 12 11 9 11 17 19 18 16 17 16 16

LOCATION: Barbados is the most eastern of the West Indian islands

CHARACTERISTICS: The flying fish lay arond Barbados jst as they do arond Mandalay It‚„s one of the secialties of this colorfl West Indian Island, where the natives seak with a British accent Their rm is marvelos and so is their weather, which is smmer the year rond It boasts some of the finest bathing beaches in the world The erfect sot for a relaxing and nsal vacation

OLATION: Estimated 228,243, roghly the olation of Jacksonville, Florida

SIZE: Barbados is trianglar in shae and is 21 miles long by 14 miles across the widest art

– CAITAL: Bridgetown and environs has an estimated olation of 18,500

GOVERNMENT: Barbados is one of the 10 territories entering on the Federation of British West Indies It now has almost comlete internal self-government bt is still in the technical sense a Crown Colony

HOW TO GET THERE: By an American Clier from New ! York or Miami to erto Rico or Trinidad, then by ‚“island hoing‚ to Barbados By shi, from New York or New Orleans to Trinidad for connection to Barbados

ACCOMMODATIONS : There are many fine hotels, residential clbs and gest hoses in which yo can stay in Barbados Among

A native fisherman shows torists his net on the beach Most of the beaches have clbs which afford excellent ocean swimming, fine cisine and bars

Excrsions from Bridgetown take yo throgh the rolling contryside and sgarcane fields of Barbados

those right on the beaches are the Aqatic Clb, Ocean View, Hastings, Royal-on-sea, Crane, owell Sring, Bagshot Hose, St Lawrence Hotel, Accra Beach Clb, Ser Mare, Sea View and Cacra-bank; others which are excellent bt not on the ocean are the Marine, Windsor and Rockley Beach Rates are from abot $8 er day inclding meals Among the residential clbs are the Barbados Contry Clb, Colony, Coral Reef, For Winds, Kingsley, Le Bistro, Sam Lord’s Castle, aradise Beach Clb and Miramar

CRRENCY : The British West Indies Dollar, worth abot 60 cents in nited States crrency S notes and travelers cheqes are acceted by most hotels and large bsiness hoses

CSTOMS REGLATIONS AND DOCMENTS REQIRED BY NITED STATES CITIZENS roof of identity While a birth certificate is not acceted as roof of identity in Barbados, it may be sed as roof on retrning to the nited States The official recommendation of roof of identity in Barbados is a assort, bt bona fide visitors retrning within 6 months will enconter little difficlties in satisfying the Immigration Officials Smallox vaccination for retrn to the nited States One hndred cigarettes may be broght in dty-free as well as sed sorts eqiment, ersonal clothes and jewelry

RESTARANTS : The major restarant in Broad Street is Goddard‚„s Some hotels, like the Royal, offer 24-hor service for ersons who miss reglar meal hors, and the Bird and Bottle, sitated at the Marine Hotel, is olar with late diners Light snacks may be obtained at the Flying Fish Clb in Bridgetown, the Bea Brmmel in Hastings among others John‚„s in St James, the Morgan and the Cocont Creek, all of which are night clbs, also serve meals with drinks The Crane Hotel has a Fish ot restarant, where a la carte dishes, esecially sea food, are served

SORTS : 9-hole golf corse, Rockley Golf and Contry Clb Tennis at Savannah Clb and The Royal Barbados Yacht Clb There is dee-sea fishing and boats may be rented for this rose Bring yor own eqiment

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