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Travel to america for Neither the very new Moon nor Jupiter would have been visible at all on March Moreover, Jupiter and the waning crescent Moon would have been visibly drowned out by the noonday Sun on April Second, there is no conceivable way that an occultation, particularly an invisible one, could be regarded as a star. Third, a lunar occultation of Jupiter in Aries was not particularly rare. As Molnar concedes, another one followed on April , AD Why, then, would magi have made the long journey westward to worship the Messiah in BC but not before or afterwards? Fourth, the fact that Matthew is so favorable in his treatment of the Magi and the Star strongly suggests that his estimation of the Star’s signiicance could not have been entirely dependent on astrological presup positions. Fifth, Molnar’s theory cannot explain the Magi’s conviction that the newborn infant was worthy of worship as a deity. Sixth, it is dificult to see how Jupiter managed to guide the Magi to Bethlehem and then to a particular location within the town. The claim of Molnar that the standing still is due to Jupiter’s becoming stationary fails to convince a change in Jupiter’s motion would not have been detectable in the short window of time when the Magi were in Bethlehem searching for the messianic child. Even if the Magi were relying on advance calculations, these would not have been adequate to enable them to pinpoint a particular town, never mind a house within it. Travel to america 2016.

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