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Travel to africa for Short-period orbits are less elongated than long-period orbits. FIG Cometary orbits elliptical, parabolic, and hyperbolic. Image credit Sirscha Nicholl. With respect to how near comets come to the Sun, at one extreme we have the sungrazers and at the other extreme we have comets P/CINEOS and C/ A Gleason, which do not come closer than AU and AU respectively to the Sun. As regards the orbital periods of comets, they may be as short as Encke’s years or in the hundreds of millions of years. As far as Earth-dwellers are concerned, the impressiveness of a cometary apparition is heavily dependent on the time at which the comet arrives at perihelion, since that determines where Earth is on its orbit and hence the perspective humans will enjoy. On the one hand, if the comet’s orbit is synchronized ideally with Earth’s, it is possible for Earthbound observers to have front-row seats for the cometary spectacle both before and after perihelion. Travel to africa 2016.

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