Travel to Acapulco Mexico

Travel to Acapulco Mexico

Hi guys sometimes, I’m. So happy to be back you probably didn’t realize that. I was gone for a bit and actually don’t have a really good excuse. I was just being lazy. But I missed it and I’ve been to. So many amazing places. I spent three and a half weeks and Central America and, I can’t wait to share you share with you what. I have to say about this amazing amazing trip.

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I will start with top best things that are love about God and, I think you should do to now one thing I’d say to do anything on the bay a cougar is beautiful and any sort of water-related as for likes jetski sailing for signaling that we did parasailing they’re very affordable do beautiful debate is very quiet it’s spectacular and it’s saved to anything you want. So a please make sure that you check it out it’s gonna be fun, I’m sure every guy book will tell you that like Cabrera is a place to see well what it is are actually a bunch of cliff divers that you get to watch twice a day once during the day one the other ones early in the evening and they just basically keep jumping off the cliff it is super scary to watch. I actually had to walk out of the performance because it just freaked me out it’s very dangerous with the good thing about it is that the user spectacular this C is amazing and the restaurant had serves amazing food now for free at the Villa pass and give you a little pause it’s a church on top of a mountain work and see entire a couple beautiful at one thing to keep in mind that you can we just get there by yourself you would have to catch a taxi taxi has to wait for you because there is no public transport. So make sure that you organize your way back have a little bit of a story here because when we went to see the chapel and after we were on our way back we realize that our taxi ran out of gas. So you would think that our taxi driver will be like well to bed let me just get you someone to to take you guys back to Acapulco but he decided to roll his car down the hill as we approach the the heel to go up there was another car behind us a whole push stuff out and then after the main road was super-scary we kept going for about three to four miles without gas just basically on neutral but we didn’t make it to the gas station we got some gas we still got charged the normal price is good adventure the view is amazing and, I highly recommend it just because you can see the entire Bay and it’s just just really worth the trip number for like a sterile because there is basically the cocoa coast.

So I think. I went back and forth maybe five different times in three days just because it’s So lovely. I like the little shops along the way elected restaurants are right on the beach they can get a margarita get some ceviche or some tacos and then keep going swimming the it just all. So really you can do anything you want for five days and not even leave that area because it’s absolutely charming and wonderful. So just make sure you give yourself a little bit of time there because it is very relaxing and lovely and to love music and folklore and ride home maybe she can see the most amazing sunsets. I can remember when was the last time. I saw. So many amazing census for whatever reason the mountains with the bay with the Pacific Ocean with like the most amazing clouds for whatever reason that the pool has like amazing clouds look at these photos. I mean. I was unbelievable. I love it and definitely make sure you spend one evening just looking out for sunset and find of thing. I love about a cocoa is soo kala it’s a main market area where you can have the most amazing street food and tacos and you can hang out with the locals you can get some souvenirs make sure you catch their traditional Acapulco taxi that the beetle volkswagen beetles and the green and blue cars there. So charming through the look like almost like toy cars inside because they’re like super all Beatles but that the charm backup phone call. I think a couple was really worth checking. So if you please your research and if you feel like you would still say they’re a you should definitely check it out because it’s absolutely lovely. I hope you enjoyed my quick review of a couple call. I it’s So make sure you subscribe to my blog or find on instagram because right now, I’m like an Instagram addict. So if you want to talk to me find an Instagram travel underscore in her shoes, I’m right there waiting for you to ask me questions and like exchange because, I’m interested in your instagrams to and you have amazing photos from travels or for anything else would love to follow you two. So. I’ll see you guys later and then stay tuned for my next post about one mala which have left to buy things want to see that was my dog peanut and that was peanuts peanuts are you working, I’m recording the post here like always always always always in my posts.

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