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When you travel you want to get the best deals, stay safe and enjoy your holiday, business trip or family get-together. Here are some more tips for your travels:

Read Traveler Reviews

How do you know if a place is worth travelling to or not? Just ask someone who has been there. Today, with the Internet being what it is, you do not even need to know someone who has been to the location or hotel you are considering, you can look it up online. User-review sites have changed the way most people plan their travel, giving us an enormously useful tool for evaluating hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions and the like. is the most well-known, with more than 20 million reviews, of hotels, B&Bs, villas and private homes, as well as restaurants and attractions. And there is also which collects reviews from various websites, such as, Yahoo! Travel and Check out for reviews on restaurants, shops and other businesses, or, which guarantees that reviewers have actually eaten at the restaurants they rate.

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User reviews are helpful, especially if there are a lot of good reviews, and the average rating is thus a good indicator. Also read the 1-star reviews and make sure you read between the lines, asking yourself if the writer shares your mind-set, or if a negative review is the result of a fussy person or a one-off bad experience. Always see how recent the post was. Establishments are quick to change, move or close.

Look at photos posted by users; you may find them more telling than the written words.

How To Pack Better

It is a good idea to pack light, not to take too much, and here are some tips on packing so that things can avoid being damaged, leaking out and to have things in smaller containers:

• You can use small jars or containers for skincare products instead of the bulky tubes they come in.

• Old sunglasses cases can be reused to store your chargers, also good for this are old compact camera cases.

• Never buy a travel sized toothpaste tube again just refill. Or use a small clean jar, or an old eyedropper. Good if you choose to make your own toothpaste as I do (see

• Same goes for deodorant if you make your own you can put it into a small jar or container (see

• Put a cotton-ball or pad in your powdered makeup to keep it from breaking.

• Don’t stress if you forget your USB mains adapter, or you cannot use it in a foreign country, a hotel TV will usually have a USB port you can use to charge your devices, or you can buy a USB charger cheaply locally, which has the advantage of having the correct mains plug as well.

• Use a pill storage box, such as one with the days of the week in 7 compartments, to prevent your jewelry from getting tangled.

• Prevent your shampoo, shower gel and conditioner from spilling by using plastic wrap clingfilm or put into a zipped up plastic freezer bag; alternatively seal with masking tape.

• Don’t fold up your jeans/pants/trousers, just roll them up neatly.

• Turn your suit jacket inside-out in your suitcase to prevent wrinkles.

• Put things like shoes in plastic bags so they don’t mark your clothes.

• Put a few extra plastic bags in your suitcase if you don’t have laundry bags, to put the dirty clothes in after you’ve worn them.

• Put heavier items at the bottom of your suitcase, i.e. the bottom end when it stands upright, so that heavy items do not wrinkle your clothes, and so that the case it not top-heavy and prone to falling over.

• You will also need clear zippable plastic bags for any small items of liquids when going through airport security. Things inside the suitcase they will not inspect, only those in your hand luggage. In general, the bags should have a capacity of 1 litre, and the bottles you put in there should have a maximum capacity of 100 ml.

You should also pack some essential items:

• Power converter kit, unless everything runs from USB and you know there will be something that outputs USB (as stated earlier about hotel TV sets), in which case take USB cables for all your devices to charge them.

• A first aid kit should never be forgotten while travelling.

• Camera a compact is easiest to carry, a DSLR can take great photos so long as it is not too bulky or heavy; don’t forget to take extra memory cards and the battery charger.

• Travel maps even if you’re carrying a smartphone with maps and GPS ability, it is always a good idea to have a printed map with you while travelling. Electronics may not always be able to go online or can die at any time. With a map, you’ll always have a sense of directions and the ability to navigate with ease.

• Comfortable shoes you will probably want to walk a lot, so ensure you wear good shoes to walk in.

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