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Travel thailand for A Brief History of the Comet Hypothesis The comet hypothesis has a long history, stretching back into the irst three centuries of the Christian era. At the start of the second century, Ignatius, probably drawing on an established and authoritative hymn from the irst century, referred to the Star in terms that were strongly suggestive of a comet. According to this tradition, the Star was new, brighter than all the stars, and provoked astonishment because it was so unlike anything else in the heavens To the Ephesians The Protevangelium of James Gospel of James dates to around AD According to it, in response to Herod’s question regarding what celestial sign the Magi saw that related to the newborn King, the Magi answered, We saw an immense star [astera pammegethe shining among these stars and causing them to become dim, so that they no longer shone; and we knew that a king had been born in Israel As Olson and Pasachoff point out, here, the Protevangelium of James describes the strange new star in language only beitting a comet. Then, in the irst half of the third century, Origen made explicit his conviction that the Star was a comet, in Contra Celsum ? We consider that the star that was seen at its rising was a new star, and not like any of the normal celestial bodies, either those in the ixed sphere [above or those in the lower spheres. Rather, it should be reckoned with the celestial bodies which occur from time to time, known as hairy stars, beams, beards, wine-jars, or any other such name by which the Greeks like to describe their various forms. We establish this point in the following way It has been noticed that at the occurrence of momentous events and at the most profound transitions on earth, stars of this kind appear, announcing changes in dynasties or the breaking out of wars, or the occurrence of some phenomenon in the human realm that shakes affairs on earth. We have read in the book called Concerning Comets by Chaeremon the Stoic that at times comets have appeared when good events were about to occur. Travel thailand 2016.

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