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Travel site for Politics often intruded on Reagan’s life as an actor. Reagan was an active anti-communist. He testified to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in September 1941 on communism in Hollywood, became an informant for the agency, and in 1947 testified to the House Un-American Activities Committee. Reagan was active in industry politics, becoming president of the Screen Actor’s Guild in 1947, where he was instrumental in efforts to break the strike of the Committee of Studio Unions (a Hollywood craft union). Reagan was elected Screen Actor’s Guild president for five terms, negotiated several union contracts, and used the guild to battle communism in Hollywood. Some biographers claim that it is as union president where Reagan’s political values moved from liberal to conservative; Reagan, a Franklin ROOSEVELT Democrat, officially registered as a Republican in 1962. During the late 1950s, Reagan’s film career had begun to slow down. Travel site 2016.

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