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Travel packages for Despite significant injury, Reagan made a publicly engaging and spirited recovery, rallying his staff, and less than a month after the assassination attempt, he delivered an address to Congress on his economic recovery plan.Reaganomics. Economic recovery had been at the forefront of Reagan's agenda. The new president had been advised by many experts (including Nixon) to concentrate on domestic policy rather than foreign policy, and for Reagan, this meant fixing the economy.

Reagan was a champion of supply-side economics, which entailed jump-starting the economy by putting money into the hands of businesses and business owners, on the theory (called trickle-down) that they would redistribute their wealth by increasing both expenses and the amount of workers.

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Reagan's budgets, combined with FEDERAL RESERVE policy, did in fact lead to low INFLATION and sustained economic growth. Reagan, however, was also committed to decreasing taxes while increasing the size of the military budget, and record-setting deficits piled up throughout his presidency.

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