Travel Nutrition Tips to Help You Eat Healthy While Traveling

The British long-distance runner reveals how she fuels her training.


‘I like porridge, usually with a banana and I may add a little bit of protein powder tor sustained energy. Or I’ll often have a natural type of energy bar for a bit of healthy energy. I always have a coffee, too.

I train twice a day, apart from on my long-run day and rest days. Depending on the length of my workout, I’ll either have a snack like peanut butter on toast or an energy bar after, and I’ll rehydrate.

If it’s been a longer morning workout, like a track session, it’s usually lunchtime soon after, so I’ll have a light snack straight away, then eat lunch within an hour.’


‘My lunch usually has some salad with it and nice granary bread. I have lots of fresh, mixed leaves, tomatoes, cucumber and maybe some tuna or eggs. I like to coat it with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and ground pepper.’


‘I definitely need to snack to keep my energy levels up, especially with having a young family. I’ll snack on fruit, such as apples, raspberries, strawberries, kiwis, melons and bananas. I also have peanut butter on toast, healthy sports bars and chocolate.’


‘I like lots of veggies.

I’ll mostly go for oven-cooked potatoes, or rice or pasta and a portion of meat or fish. I don’t eat meat every day.

I don’t work with a sports nutritionist; I’ve just gained experience over the years of what does and doesn’t work for me.

I’m quite strict with my nutrition needs both before and after workouts. I need to eat the right foods for an important workout to go successfully and also to ensure that I recover as best as I can afterwards. The timing of nutrition around training is important as well as the food types that I eat.’

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FOODS ‘Top foods for fuelling are porridge, rice and potatoes with some protein to make the energy more sustainable. After a workout, it’s important to have carbs and protein, but also veg and fruit to get the vitamins for recovery.’

DRINKS ‘Plain water is adequate, but if I’ve done a tough workout or if the weather is hot, I use electrolyte tablets. I drink coffee and tea too. I like coffee before a tough workout. Maybe two or three nights a week, I’ll have a glass of red wine.’

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‘As Jo knows, it’s not just what you eat after training that’s important; it’s when. You should aim to eat a snack within 30 minutes of finishing a workout or training session because this is when your muscles are primed to take up protein to repair damaged tissue and replenish glycogen stores. Studies show that caffeine before a workout can help improve focus and endurance. Jo appears to know what to eat to fuel her training and her diet is healthy and balanced. Water is the good choice for hydration but, after training, she might consider skimmed or semi-skimmed milk, to provide a mix of protein, water and carbs.’

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