Travel in Sri Lanka

Travel in Sri Lanka


Hi this is Aguilera. And troubling her she’s Monday motivation today is Monday. And I usually record these Monday motivation posts at my house where. I can have time to focus. And make it a nice. And big production but right now, I’m traveling in Sri Lanka. And I was going to miss the money motivation post but then. I good messages on Instagram from my followers like Aggie who’s the Monday motivation coming today. So this is a very quick post that just, I’m recording you know the first thing that comes to my mind. And actually. I was thinking about a comment that. I got recently on my youtube. And this is where when. I talk to you about today. And the comment was like about my morning routine which. I highly encourage you to watch this post. And someone commented okay this is very nice but this is not what an average person could do. And then. I started to thinking like well okay well I’ve considered myself an average person in a way that. I am no better or worse than anyone out there.

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I am no smarter not more talented. I have just as many resources if not less than other people out there. And you guys think oh you’re lucky you have. So much money but in reality. I you know. I had a very modest aka simple poor upbringing in a developing country that was Poland. And we didn’t have money to travel we didn’t have barely my parents receiving. So much money for me to study English. So I can be educated it was very hard for them it did everything that. I have. I couldn’t work towards. And the fact that. I am here today has it proved to me that an average person can travel the world for a living. And I think the person that left that message she’s like oh you know average person wouldn’t be doing these things. I wish she was. And she wanted me to come up with a routine that an average person could do. And I’m like why do you have the need to be an average person of why do you want to lower your standards to do have a routine that’s for average people you don’t want to be an average person. And that kind of meaning yes you are just as just as everyone else but you always want to take an example from people that are extraordinary.

So to me if, I’m asking okay what an average person makes. I wanna make for money what an average how much Navarrete person spends in the morning to get ready or how much never to person reads or how much an average person surrounds themselves with beauty or travel. And I’m well happy. I don’t want to be an average person. I want to look at extraordinary people. And haul them to myself as an example. Because I want to have an extraordinary life. So, I’m putting stuff out there. And of course my London motivations. And my morning routine is not always perfect. But I always want to look for perfection out there. Because I want my average to be you know you are an average of five people. And I keep repeating this all the time going to be an average of five people we spend the most time with. So I want to surround myself with people that’s the average is like awesome. And that’s like completely normal to you know travel Sri Lanka in this beautiful hotel overlooking tea plantations. And doing amazing things in life that’s what’s really important to me. So please do not look for an average person. I have to finish because my hand is killing me. And I still need to check into my room. So really quickly finishing this post do not strive to be an average person that meaning do not make yourself feel better than others but look for extraordinary people. And make them your average because it soars it. And you realize that once it’s surrounded by people that are extraordinary your average completely changes alright that was it lots of us from me to you from Sri Lanka thank you. So much for reading. I appreciate it. And yeah see the next post.

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