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Days of Rain 12 12 842000026

LOCATION 11 The Hashemite kingdom of Jordan is an Arab contry and member of the Arab Leage It is sitated in the heart of the Arab world On the north, it is bonded by Syria, on the northeast by Iraq, on the east and soth by Sadi Arabia, and on the west by Israel

CHARACTERISTICS Jordan comrises Trans-Jordan roer and Central Arab alestine and incldes some of the most sacred shrines of Islam and Christianity Within its bondaries lie Bethlehem, the birthlace of Jess; Jericho, the oldest walled city in the world; Hebron, where Abraham was bried; the River Jordan; the Dead Sea; the Mont of Olives and the ancient walled city of Jersalem, the holiest city in Christendom Torism for years has been the main indstry of this contry and torists are sre to receive a hearty welcome by all Jordanians often seek to romote direct contact between gros of torists and inhabitants throgh varios social gatherings There are comfortable hotels in Jordan and the climate in general is ideal

OLATION : The olation, which is reonderantly Moslem Arab, is estimated at 1,400,000, of whom abot 12 er cent are Christians Besides the Moslem and Christian Arabs, there are fair Circassians, swarthy Cots, ersian Bahais, Syriacs, Trcomans, White Rssians, and 217 Samaritans who are descended from Biblical times

SIZE 1: The total area of the kingdom is 37,500 sqare miles

CAITAL:: Amman, the ancient hiladelhia, is the bsy and raidly growing caital of Jordan

GOVERNMENT : J ordan‚„s Government is , a constittional monarchy with a bicameral legislatre The Hose of Reresentatives is elected by direct, secret ballot The Senate is aointed by the King on the recommendation of the Government The King aoints the rime Minister, who in trn aoints his Cabinet The Cabinet is resonsible to the Hose of Reresentatives All men above 18 years have the right to vote

HOW TO GET THERE : By an American Clier to Beirt, Lebanon, 21V‚£ hors from New York; then by direct connection to Jersalem or Amman From Cairo it is 2V4 hors flying time; from Beirt it is 1XA hors There is also an overland rote by car from Beirt via Damascs to Amman or Jersalem Or go to Beirt, Alexandria or ort Said by shi, then by air

ACCOMMODATIONS: Hotels in Jordan cannot for the resent comare with lxry hotels in the nited States, bt they are clean and comfortable There are good hotels in all the major towns and cities Most of them have hot and cold rnning water; rooms with rivate baths are available Many hotels have central heating In Jersalem, the Ambassador, the Orient Hose, the American Colony Hostel, and the National In Ramallah 10 miles from Jersalem and 4 miles from the airort there is the Grand Hotel In Amman are the Amman Clb and the hiladelhia Rates are $350 to $850, inclding meals with a 10 er cent service charge added Be sre to reserve hotel sace well in advance, esecially at Christmas and Easter time

BANKS: Foreign crrency may be broght into the contry withot limit bt mst be declared to the cstoms athorities on arrival Torists are reqired to exchange foreign crrency at athorized banks or money changers who mst record amont cashed on the Exchange Control Form sed when yo made yor declaration

CALENDAR OF HOLIDAYS: National Holidays: March 8, commemoration of the ascension of King Feisal to the throne of Syria; March 22, commemoration of the signing of the charter of the Arab Leage; May 25, Indeendence Day; Sha‚„aban 9 Hegira Calendar commemoration of Arab revolt against Trkish rle; Janary 15, Arbor Day

There are several Moslem feasts based on the lnar calendar For Christians, Christmas and Easter are most imortant with ceremonial ageantry Torists will find it secially interesting also to attend the Samaritan assover feast on Mont Gerizim near Nabls This feast generally falls in Aril and is celebrated by slaghtering shee as sacrifice according to ancient Samaritan tradition Arab Legion Field Day in Amman on May 9 is a secial event Torists will love this sectaclar exhibition of otstanding horsemanshi, swordsmanshi and sortsmanshi

CIGARETTES AND TOBACCO: No American brands, bt Virginia tobacco leaves are imorted for local rodction of ci rettes Local cigarette brands sch as Friends, Windsor, Gold Si and Select are olar Torists may bring with them, dty free, 200 cigarettes or abot 7 oz of tobacco

CLIMATE : The contry offers a vasljange and contrast of climate and scenery, from the temerate heights of the rgged, rle-hed montains of Moab to the gently rolling hills of Jfl, the dee troical deression of the Jordan Valley and the Dead S‚« ,and finally the dry, arid desert of the eastern latea Jericho, 845 feet below sea level, is an excellent winter resort See weather chart above

CLBS: The YMCA‚®fee Lions Clb, Rotary Clb, Masonic Lodge A torist wold mbfe to be accomanied by a member to make se of the above-mentioned clbs

COMMON CORTESIES AND LOCAL CSTOMS: The Jordanians are extremely hositable A gest is considered a sacred trst

COMMNICATIONS : Telegrah service and airmail
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