Arrived in the keys coolest living with the most amazingly sphere as. So we’re at Lisa has a vision to do like MTV Cribs of her room. So go ahead are you ready Lisa okay wait wait wait wait story of it oh hey, I’m TV Chris. I got my room okay go ahead. So this is my suite where life like you photos come on. I love you good. And you know this is nicest that’s. So funny yeah. So we should live here. I live right across. And this Natalia right Natalia. And I represent right next door. So she’ll be taking photos of me all the time the nation is neighbors yeah it feels like friends right is progress. But I Rachel plenty Rachel. And I’ll be Monica Vienna all right she’s Monica fine. I can show you my room super cute this is my favorite part. I have my own towel travel it’s So beautiful thank you oh. And little animal, I’m not sure what that is is like okay little elephant or. So super cute. And of course my beautiful porch let me show you all hello. And very Florida Keys all these countries the humidity there’s ocean right there adults all nice. And quiet, I’m just going to be there all the time. And then walk back to my room love it. So pretty okay.


So we had. I had a chance to shower, I’m wearing my new default dress for the love of Connecticut dress hair by MTV learning how to make cocktail because the Leicestershire chakras, I’m going to preach you know local kings from what. I have her Manhattan she is looking out there they go really good anyway – yeah oh my god okay all right mystical all travel different shoes. I have recipes avec cucumber martini ha. I love cucumber. And the next one will be martini Michael don’t be jealous it’s all good, I’m just going to be drinking that oh well this actually sounds really good. And classics dirty martini young Serena is the one gave us a gift. And organised everything sidewalk for daily, I’m sure you know her official she is staying on Instagram what are you drinking. I am drinking the basil. I know but in all. I had bourbon. And I would never order bourbon but, I’m like, I’m already, I’m gonna learn how to make a martini. And the Dylan’s making one for himself on something alright. So we’re learning at it with juice box. I am here what else looks like we’re going to add a little bit of Gavi neck or a half ounce oh.

I love a Gavin maybe not Rebecca usually one lime in today. And what’s next last couple cucumber slices yeah. I love it sort of crashing it’s basically lime new cumber we’re going to add some mint as well right he’s basically doing the work for me in second service but we put everything to life double chain er going to go low for a cylinder then it’s beautiful. I love cucumber. I love we came outside for a second. And now we’re heading back inside hope are introduced to everyone. So this is Ashley Ashley what’s your handle. I am travel lesson. And I’m on YouTube dude oh yeah cool we should also yes it is. I don’t want to do yeah. I like it. So going to be like more of yourself it’s like your hat oh yeah. I love you too because look you can see more of my personality red oh yeah it’s not like picture perfect it’s very real right it’s a lot more real actually all the behind-the-scenes stuff it takes to get those pretty photos on both yeah yeah alright. So let’s move on this is the what’s your handle the ecology. And quality please to follow her she’s awesome were you based out of Miami Miami uncle’s Christmas nice. And convenient for all right who’s next like dear friends that I’ve released up over a very long time. And I love her you have to follow her, I’m eating hair hair Lisa Lisa at every met Lisa plays yeah Lisa home see. So much lah ony she is. So extremely creative. And kind beautiful like if you’re not following her you’re missing out right thanks see not you know Christina from my every move of all that. I haven’t posted yet. I don’t think you could miss it. I’ll be on a future mug yeah. So we will go back in time in the future as if we sail with me it would mean Aruba c’mon suppose almost supposed to go Wow time flies. And now we’re air travel lashes everyone got their own megohms the island Aggie. So shoes great name. And take a look what’s going on like crazy we did yeah a fortune. And when is it coming it’s like.

I said awesome thank you this is our palettes clear. I believe. And this is the Iceland briefing with some survey we had a sewage that we put it in. And second cross between a cucumber. And watermelon right here great aid letter telling that this is too perfect look at my dessert wow we are on top of a van toss. But I wish we’re all saying is but we have our own reason you put every ant or amazingly pretty great cheese eater like there Phyllis And So like a double rating there we go fire saving today wow motors hearing do it for the team go see if the Rope is reliable. And then maybe we’ll do when they alright we just set a time travel. Because I left my camera somewhere. And I missed lunch, I’m used to my spa treatment. And now, I’m still sweating but this time is dr. Newman Lisa. And I are not only sweating but getting ridden by mosquitoes which is. So much fun but we really fell in love with this beautiful tree well you know what this tree is called right bonsai bonsai tree mm-hmm okay well. So we’re here at the bonsai tree photo to a climbing trees yeah. And now we’re heading to another dinner. I feel like all of my blogs is like about just before dinner all right. I mean yeah it’s really it makes our experience here a little bit better Lisa where we going angler a nail for dinner yeah look how cute this place is it lets us in agua fresca this lift here yeah vinegar. And are you were playing at ruin two truths. And one lie in the search you’re going to bring it on girl hi hi. I know we’re digging in. And then key lime pie comes from key from the Florida Keys. So if you ever had key lime pies key lime pie grows on trees here yes oh hi. So the whole budget is sister but it’s delicious this is like one thing you have to try when you’re in the keys in Florida Keys today we were we had such good plans today we’re supposed to wake up in the morning to sunrise truth dance normally man we change to jet ski. And then it’s canceled jet ski go star rating. And now now that we’re back in our room for entire day it’s of course the weather is not terrible. So we’re taking some photos.

And having some Instagram breakfast of course we haven’t eaten it in two hours we’re just staring at it. And taking photos of it oh the reality of Instagram of it. So we have to II, I’m kidding. So this is the. And we’re about to go. And dolphin experience their dolphins up this here in the area. And the facility in the background that’s like disregard. And we wanted to see what it’s like to hang out with dolphins we’re not going to write them or anything like that beard this is a dolphin the next program. And it’s about learning it was there any more about dolphins. And seeing them in a lose the bay the ocean our dilemma. So same ones that. I think humans are most familiar with. And part of that oh yeah you’re just chillin there for that’s the first Wow. And it is the bottom nice waiting for my dolphin experience already have my jacket on. And I’ve learned. So much. So far it’s unbelievable. So recap what the lady said these are bottlenecks Oh bottlenose dolphin. So they actually don’t travel very hard that’s the reason why they’re pretty happy in the Bay here. And the resort. And we are about to stand on a dock. And say hello to them. And another thing that we will do is to rub them. And you might think this is crazy. And I think like there’s no way. I want such a dolphin but turns out that the Dolphins can shed every two hours at all times a day. And they actually enjoy slightly like exfoliation rubbing. So they actually seek to rub against different surfaces. And when you rub them or have them not like this but like rub them they actually really really like it. So what we will do they actually enjoy that pretty much like dogs at this point one dog is actually like being pet. So what are the same thing. And we will have our life jackets if you have to hold our hand.

So you probably see a post of me standing like in a funny position like this because the Dolphins required to hand signal. So just. So we don’t get to do too many gestures we’re supposed to send like this straight up. And we’re doing in these industries. And when we’re ready to pet the dolphin okay okay cool. So see. So far. So Gordon excitement . So much fun those are using yeah but if mister like listening okay oh my dolphin comes flipped around. And poops all over me raising. And then to the police officers. And other comfortable that. I get up oh the Beckett yeah nice alright. So the doses were amazing. And you’re taught in training again remaining every day but it’s Herrick okay. I like it because it’s relaxing. I just get on my porch here excuse my life. And there is still. I love to steal it’s all nice no one’s in the boom oh whoa what is going on here this is a real storm huh this is crazy Wow this is a powerful car it looks amazing this is Lisa lovely reset you stronger every day on this trip this is avocado puree little spoiled is Canadian you know here’s a mom again. I got here Google. So this is some X avocados. And you crab potato. I mean you cough right YUM bubble kind of delicious it’s like sorry for the it’s getting song because call as scheming it is outside bug Poconos our ride. I love it awesome. I just we have these fancy bottles that are empty under here we put them D in their independent waffle. And I feel like some sort of judgment in someone’s bars but hey enjoy me you orders to M. So soon YUM there’s anyone one song because you know maybe Y walking through number of us together maybe just one blueberry for you yeah, I’m right.

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