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Bermda Contry



WEATHER IN BERMDA Lat N 32‚° 20′ Alt 50′

Tem JAN FEB MAR AR MAY JNE JLY AG SET OCT NOV D1 Low 58‚° 57‚° 57‚° 59‚° 64‚° 69‚° 73‚° 74‚° , 72‚° 69‚° 63‚°

68‚° 68‚° 68‚° 71‚° 76‚° 81‚° 85‚° 86‚° 84‚° 79‚° 74‚°

High Average 63‚°

Av Daily Hrs of Sn 5

LOCATION : Aroximately 670 miles sotheast of New York, with the Glf Stream rnning between Bermda and the nited States

CHARACTERISTICS : Bermda is a lace for torists to enjoy bicycling, tennis, golf, swimming, sailing, fishing and relaxing in an atmoshere of semi-troical beaty While one can dance after dinner at some of the hotels, there is no night-clb life

OLATION : 37,254, according to the 1950 censs, of which aroximately 13,500 are white and 23,500 are colored

SIZE : The total area of the more than 150 islands which make ‚“Bermda‚ is abot 22 sqare miles

CAITAL : Hamilton

GOVERNMENT: The Government of Bermda is a system analogos to that of Great Britain Since 1685, the Governor has been aointed by the British Crown to reresent the Qeen It is a misnomer, however, to seak of Bermda as a Crown colony olitically, these islands hold a niqe lace among the ossessions of the Crown Bermda has its own elected Hose of Assembly and a Legislative Concil, and is officially designated as the ‚“British Colony of Bermda‚

HOW TO GET THERE : by an American Clier, flying time from New York, aroximately 3 hors By shi from New York: 40 hors

ACCOM MOD ATIONS : One of the charms of Bermda is that yo can find almost any tye of accommodation yo wish, from lxrios hotels with swimming ools and tennis corts to charming qiet gest hoses with limited nmbers of gests Rooms in rivate homes are also available Rates given are doble er erson Breakfast and dinner are inclded on Modified American lan

Among the lxry hotels: rincess Hotel and Cottages in embroke, between Hamilton Harbor and itt‚„s Bay One of the oldest and most famos hotels All rooms have baths Swimming ool, tennis corts, dancing It has its own beach clb on the Soth Shore Accommodates 450 Rates: $750 to $15 Eroean lan Belmont Manor in Warwick arish, oosite the city of Hamilton, overlooking the Great Sond Tennis cort, swimming ool, golf corse, beach-clb rivileges Rates: $10 to $17, Modified American lan Castle Harbor in Tcker‚„s Town Modern and lxrios Swimming ool, golf corse, rivate beach, tennis cort, skeet shooting, fishing Dancing nightly Accommodates 450 Rates: $14 to $22, Modified American lan Elbow Beach Srf Clb, located on its own beatifl beach Gay social sot with dancing nightly, social directors, gro activity Each room with bath Accommodates 320 Rates: $14 to $2250 American lan St George Hotel in historical St George‚„s Has secial Family lan and servised children‚„s rogram Swimming ool, golf corse, beach facilities, dancing Accommodates 200 Rates: $950 to $16 Modified American lan The Bermdiana in embroke arish, two mintes from Hamilton: attractive rooms and sites, all with bath, dancing nightly in the Silver Grill or the Snken Garden; swimming ool, free gest rivileges at beach clb Accommodates 280 Rates: $12 to $20 Modified American lan

Among the smaller hotels: Harmony Hall in aget Accommodates 80 gests Rates: $13 to $18 Modified American lan Inverrie on the harbor in aget Accommodates 75 gests Rates: $9 to $16, Modified American lan Some cottage sites Eagle‚„s Nest Hotel in embroke Accommodates 72 gests All rooms in hotel with bath Rates: $850 to $13 Modified American lan Harrington Hose in Hamilton arish accommodates 50 gests Rates: $9 to $12 Modified American lan

Bermda abonds in gest hoses which offer the same service as hotels bt rovide a qieter, more leisrely vacation Most of them limit their gests to 50 Rates are abot the same as hotels Most are American lan The following are tyical: Cambridge Beaches in Somerset small cottages and main hose, rivate beaches All rooms with bath Rates: $15 to $22 American lan The Horizons in aget near Coral Beach Main gest hose and cottages All rooms have bath Rates: $14 to $18 American lan omander Gate in aget Old Bermda mansion with ictresqe cottages and magnificent flower garden Swim from dock in Hamilton Harbor; free transortation to beach on soth shore Rates $12 to $18, Modified American lan

There are many others Rates on hotels and gest hoses may vary occasionally Alternate lans sch as the Bermda lan room and breakfast are often available Residential accommodations, sally on the Bermda lan are $350 to $6

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Travel in Bermda, Holiday to Bermda Mas

Travel in Bermda, Holiday to Bermda Mas

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