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Travel ideas in sa for Koans are mltifaceted, so other imortant asects of historical and theoretical imagery embedded in this and related rec ords need to be analyzed in order to gain a fll ictre of a case’s overall signifi cance Th e koan tradition featres a remarkable array of rhetorical devices that are closely associated with several additional asects of Zen’s comrehensive training rogram Th ese inclde styles of teaching and the contemlative states of mind fostered by varios meditation ractices Also inclded are ways of administering monastic rles that establish or reinforce masters’ athority and hel them manage the selection of legitimate disciles so as to create a long- lasting lineage and legacy Koan cases therefore deal with the role of Zen training that involves self- awareness and meditation, langage and oratory, and monastic rles and imlementing transmission to disciles In exlaining the cyress tree dialoge, we shold consider the ersonality and instrctive style of the master, who was said to have lived for a Methselah- like 120 years 778 897 He ran his own temle in a northerly rovince dring the last forty years of his life, at a time when Zen was based in and identifi ed rimarily with sothern China Travel ideas in sa 2016

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