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Travel hawaii on a budget on The heightened hostilities between the Soviet Union and the United States over Germany culminated on August 13, 1961, with the erection of the Berlin Wall, which divided the communist bloc of East Berlin from West Berlin. The wall symbolized the ideological differences and sharp tensions between the two superpowers tensions that were further played out through the Cuban Missile Crisis. In October 1962, American spy planes discovered that the Soviet Union was building missile sites in Cuba. Kennedy ordered a naval quarantine on all offensive weapons bound for Cuba. For two weeks, the world teetered on possible nuclear war until Kennedy’s stand forced the Soviets to back down and remove their missiles from Cuba. Not since the WAR OF 1812 had an American president faced such a tangible threat from a foreign nation. Kennedy’s leadership during the Cuban Missile Crisis was a critical moment of his presidency and it demonstrated his commitment to curtail the threat of nuclear war. Travel hawaii on a budget 2016.

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