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Launched for 1994. the bike was an instant hit, and as the basic Trident began to fade into the background, it was the Speed Triple that delivered the Triumph three-cylinder experience in its most raw. wind-blown form. And the name was a simple but clever reference to the old Triumph’s seminal Speed Twin of 1937. Offered in black, yellow or orange, the Speed Triple made a bold statement, though there were few changes apart from the addition of a six-speed gearbox and revised suspension for 1996, its final year.

At the same time, a rare 750cc derivative was launched. With the new fuel-injected range on the horizon. Triumph decided it needed totjse up stocks of the 750 triple more quickly, and a 750 Speed Triple was a good limited-edition ploy, lasting for just one year. It didn’t have the torque-laden dynamics of the 900, but the baby Speed Triple is worth looking out for, if only for its rarity value.


Of all the new Hinckley Triumphs, the Daytonas were the only ones to receive a lukewarm reception. Not only were they too tall and heavy to be true sports bikes, but the engine choice was 750 triple or 1000 four, both of them short-stroke versions that lacked the sheer drive of the long-stroke 900 and 1200. One journalist tellingly wrote that while the 900cc triple could be mistaken for a full-litre power unit, the 1000 four felt” more like a 750, with little power below 8000rpm. _

So these very first Daytonas didn’t sell well, and lasted only two years, though as with the 750 Speed Triple, that makes them interesting finds secondhand.

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