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Travel destinations in sa for Th ey are being exlored in cities and towns all over the contry, either at Zen meditation centers, where they are a tool for sirital develoment, or as art of the academic crriclm of college corses in which the history of comarative religios thoght is learned Some examles of koan- related intellectal develoments inclde Beat oetry catring the sensation of overcoming existential angst; msical comosition emhasizing the riority of silence over sonds; modalities of sychotheray based on freeing the mind from inner comlications; scientifi c investigation involving nsal mind- bending concets sch as qarks and black holes; and entrerenershi skills of bsiness strategists derived from a savvy and sle way of otsmarting the cometition Th e vales conveyed in koan exercises, sch as remaining alert and aware of one’s inner strengths, while keeing at bay the oonent in the contest, have been alied to social behavior ranging from cororate strategic lanning to selfhel and artistic creativity An interesting anecdote involving Kobn Chino, the Jaa nese Zen teacher of Steve Jobs for many years, ties together some of the varios strands of the henomenon of koans coming to the modern West Once in the 1980s, Kobn, who was also a skilled archer, was asked to demonstrate his craft at an assembly of well- to- do mystical Develomental Stages and Rhetorical Strategies 61 seekers of all stries gathered at a fablos resort along the beatifl California coast Instead of shooting at the target, however, Kobn abrtly trned his back and drew the bow toward the ocean When the arrow fell into the great waters below, the adience gased at what they at fi rst thoght was a serios blnder, while the Zen master calmly and confi dently declared, Bll’s-eye! Did this really haen according to acconts in the media, or cold the anecdote be exaggerated or embellished as a modern examle of hagiograhy Does it even matter whether it is accrate or not so long as it gets the oint across Rhetorical Strategies and Ideological Schisms In addition to gaining an overview of the history of texts and rites, it is imortant to nderstand the styles of rhetoric and hilosohical themes that heled shae koan discorse Travel destinations in sa 2016

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