Travel to Costa Blanca

The beautiful Costa Blanca, meaning White Coast is indeed bright white coastline of length over 200 km in the Spanish province of Alicante and is the favorite of tourists who want to spend a fun beach holiday. But the beach is just one of the numerous other attractions of the city. Costa Blanca is diverse and colorful to offer enjoyment to the fullest to any sort of tourist. It’s hard to enlist the best 5 or 10; but here we try to find best amongst the jewels of Costa Blanca!

1. The Mystery of Elx

The Mystery of Elx is a mystery play which is so deeply embedded in the culture of Costa Blanca that even UNESCO have included it in their List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. This fantastic play is performed annually in August containing two acts which describe the demise and passage of the Virgin Mary into the heaven. In spite of the size of Elche, the play is not small. It involves over 300 volunteers and all the people in the town come to watch it.

2. Bous A La Mar

Every August, the opposite of the Pampalonian bulls’ race takes place in Denia, called Bous A La Mar! Here instead of bulls chasing people, the locals chase the bulls with the intention of herding them in the sea! This event denotes the culmination of the summer festival of the town.

3. Wine Tasting in Monovar

Monovar is an enchanting wine cellar of Costa Blanca, just 30 minute drive from Alicante. Here two special varieties of grapes are grown, of which Monastrel is made into velvety red, while Fondilion is made into a dessert wine. If you are a wine-aficionado, you can explore other parts of the town. Also you can watch some interesting relics left by the Moors and the Romans, including a hilltop castle.

4. Levante Beach

Levante Beach has become famous because of the setting it provided to the award-winning TV series Benidorm. This beach is action-packed, with a wet playground containing diving boards, slides and rafts in the sea and the sand has a backdrop of a promenade packed with restaurants, bars and shops!

5. Arenal Beach

Arenal Beach is the main beach of Javea and it offers you a full package of fun. The white sand sloping gently in the ocean, lots of water sports and a charming promenade full of restaurants and bars make this beach total fun. If you are lucky, you may get a chance to watch an open-air cinema set on the sand, occasionally in summer.

6. Poniente Beach

Benidorm’s Poniente Beach is a singing and dancing beach. It offers you miles of white sand and a series of palms. The beach has got a Blue Flag accreditation. Above that, it is bordered now by a brand new promenade which cost a whopping 11 million Euros to construct.

7. Algar Waterfalls

Just 15 km from Benidorm, Algar is the lovely waterfall existing since the time when Costa Blanca’s tourist guidebooks didn’t even include water parks. These waterfalls are at least 2-storey tall and a row of natural pools at their foots is just amazing a natural Jacuzzi! If you are an adventure-lover, enjoy hiking the cliffs which overlook the cascade and plunge down from the top like lemmings!

I think, only from these only a few attractions of Costa Blanca, you might have been tempted to watch the wonderful place. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your next holiday to Costa Blanca and enjoy a fun-filled holiday!

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