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Travel china for Ninth, the fact that Herod executed all infants in their second year or under, based on when the Magi had said that the Star irst appeared, cannot be plausibly explained by this hypothesis. Consequently, we judge that the popular triple conjunction hypothesis is deeply lawed and should be ruled off the table. The Magi would certainly have looked up to see the triple conjunction in Pisces it was the most notable predictable astronomical event in BC and may well have regarded it to be of some astrological signiicance, but it was certainly not the Star of Bethlehem. Occultations of Jupiter in Aries in BC Michael R. Molnar has made a case for the Star of Bethlehem being Jupiter, with the focus on two lunar occultations of Jupiter that is, two occasions when the Moon obscured Jupiter in Aries in BC, the first being on March and the second on April As regards the March event, shortly before the Sun set in Judea, Jupiter was occulted by the Moon while in Aries. The phenomenon ended a little more than minutes later when Jupiter was low over the horizon in the west. Jupiter can sometimes be visible during the daytime to someone who knows exactly where to look, but not when it is on the far side of the Sun from the perspective of Earth and close to the Sun in the sky, as it was on March Therefore the planet could not have been seen at that time. Travel china 2016.

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