Travel to Chianti and Florence

Spend the morning exploring the countryside and the afternoon and evening ticking off boxes in Florence. There’s good reason for this. For purists, wine-tasting is done in the morning before breakfast, which incidentally is the worst possible time to try to visit the Uffizi in Florence. Spend the early afternoon visiting other sites in the city, and the line will be shortest an hour or two before the Uffizi closes. There’s no sense in spending your day in line. Day 5: Bologna, Verona, Vicenza, and Padua This may seem at first glance like a lot to manage in one day, but these four small cities are each a quick trip from each other along the autostrada or train line. Aim for an early lunch of tortellini in Bologna before moving on to Verona for more serious sightseeing: the Arena for sure, Juliet’s house if you must. Vicenza is worth at least a cup of coffee and a stroll down its main drag to admire the architecture, but Padua is where you should spend most of the late afternoon. Pop into the Scrovegni Chapel before it closes, and then enjoy the university atmosphere in the evening. Venetian canal.

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